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9 Best Self Propelled Electric Lawn Mower Reviews for 2020

Are you tired of dragging down the manual or gas-powered lawnmower? Well, why take the hassle when you can get done with the job easily with an electric lawn mower? Just keep eye on our best self propelled electric lawn mower review and read on. You will get your answers with full of satisfaction. 

Self-propelled electric lawn mowers are super-efficient and budget-friendly. You know!

Considering the ever-rising price of gasoline, this will surely be the better option in the long run. In this article, we have come up with the best self propelled electric start lawn mowers to make lawn mowing easy as a breeze for you.

Let’s take a look at our

Actionable Tips- Buying The Best Battery Operated Leaf Blower

Honda HRX217K4HZA Lawn Mower (HRX Series)

Electric Start
Automatic Choke
Rechargeable Battery
Adjustable and Foldable Handle 

Actionable Tips- Buying The Best Battery Operated Leaf Blower

Greenworks MO80L410 Pro 80V Lawn Mower

3-In-1 Design
21″ Durable Steel Deck
Brushless Motor & Gives Up-to 45min Run Time

Actionable Tips- Buying The Best Battery Operated Leaf Blower

Snapper XD 82V MAX Electric Lawn Mower

Briggs & Stratton 82V Lithium ion 2.0Ah Battery
Single Lever But Multi Height Cut Adjustment

1. Snapper XD Sxdwm82k Review: Electric Self Propelled Lawn Mower

The first model on our best self propelled electric lawn mower review is, Snapper SXDWM82K. It’s one of the best rated self-propelled electric lawn mower on Amazon.

Though big-boned and heavy, however, it’s shockingly easy to use.

Not only you’ll appreciate clean cuts with no exhaust fumes, but also your neighbors will appreciate quiet operation.

It has intelligent battery management that uses two independent sources. So, you don’t have to worry about running out of juice half-way through your yard.

Snapper Electric Self Propelled Lawn mower

Why We Choose It:

A trusted brand and many features make this self-propelled electric mower one of the best mowers. It’s not the cheapest electric mower you can buy. However, the price is justified as the mowers come along with two batteries, the rapid charger, grass catcher and many more!

Snapper XD Sxdwm82k 82V Review

It’s powered by an 82V battery and its blades are spun by a 2.0Ah Briggs and Stratton to provide clean cuts and long run times.

There are two batteries included with the mower and each battery has the runtime up to 45 minutes.

One of the key features is its 1200-watt high-efficiency brushless motor that provides the power and reliability you need to mow your yard for years to come.

The product itself is compatible with 4Ah batteries if you want to extend their runtime and a durable 21-inch steel deck is foldable for easy storage.

Snapper Electric Self Propelled Lawn mower

2. Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower- 21Inch 40V Brushless Mower:

Up next, Greenworks 21-inch 40v brushless cordless mower reviews. This is a new cordless mower from Greenworks that is just as good as many gas mowers, not to mention that it has many benefits that make it better than gas mowers in some areas!

Greenworks 21 Inch 40V Mower

This guy is a 20 and 21-inch lawnmower which is a lot bigger than a lot of electric lawnmowers out there. 

However, it’s about the same size as your standard gas lawnmower. There is a safety switch to lock you out from using the lawnmower if you’re working on the blade.

If you wish you may check more deep talks about this mower; Here- GreenWorks 40V Mower Reviews 

Why We Choose It:

Other lawn mowers adjust each wheel which sucks. The height adjustment of this lawn mower is a really cool feature. Also, it has a feature called variable speed that gives you more power when you’re cutting high grass which is another reason for choosing this.

It comes with one battery and has a space for a second battery. However, that space will not charge the battery as it’s just to store the extra battery.

You can swap them out, switch places and keep ongoing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with an extra battery which means you have to buy one separately.

Greenworks MO40L02 G-MAX

One of the cool features of this battery powered self propelled lawn mower is the height adjustment. This adjusts all four wheels at once, which is awesome. Another nice feature is, it got the side for the grass to come out or you can also put a little mulching attachment in the back that it comes with.

3. Snapper HD 48V MAX Electric Cordless Self-Propelled Lawnmower

A cordless self-propelled lawnmower,the Snapper HD 48V is a great option for those who want an environmentally-friendly lawnmower and don’t wish to deal with any combustion motors.

Snapper HD 48V MAX Electric Cordless Self-Propelled Lawnmower

In our best self propelled electric lawn mower reviews this is one of best who is offer up-to 60 minutes of run time with its 5.0 battery. The lawnmower also comes with 3 in 1 option that lets you mulch, bag, or side-discharge on a 20-inch steel deck.

 Moreover, it has an intelligent load sensor technology that allows for superior power levels as you mow for maximum efficiency.

Why We Choose It:

There are tons of features- self-propelled drive with push-button start, the easy height of cut adjustment, brushless motor with intelligent load sensing technology, simple vertical storage and many more! These features make it worth considering. Its cordless lithium-ion battery power allows you to get the job done as easy as a breeze.

It offers the easy height of cut with 7 height adjustments to achieve your ideal lawn height. You can easily start mowing with a push-button and conveniently set your mowing speed with the self-propelled drive system. One thing to remember is that the run time, charge time and output capacity may be affected by conditions.

Another key product benefit is the simple vertical storage that allows you to easily store and save space in your garage or shed.

Overall, the Snapper HD 48V guarantees to offer the best performance and function every time you use it.

Snapper HD 48V MAX Electric Self Propelled Lawnmower

4. Honda HRX217K4HZA HRX Series Lawn Mowers

Up next is Honda HRX217K4HZA, a powerful, high-performance lawnmower that’s a great option for those looking to complete their job quickly and effortlessly. If you are looking something who works like beast then, this is one of best self propelled electric lawn mower in our entire review.

Honda HRX217K4HZA HRX Series Lawn Mowers

The HRX series is powered by an effortless, self-charging, electric key start that uses a powerful rechargeable cyclone battery. 

This battery is capable of holding its charge for a full-season even with regular mowing which makes it very easy to start as you won’t have to set the choke.

Why We Choose It:

This HRX-series is a great self-propelled lawn mower that is very easy to start. It has 7 adjustable cutting height positions and a powerful Honda GCV 190 engine. This engine is fuel-efficient and has been proven to provide years of reliable service. All in all, it’s more advanced than any standard self-propelled lawn mower which is the reason behind choosing it.

It features an advanced hydro static cruise-control transmission which helps you to get precise speed control ranging from 0 to 4 mph. 

It also features a revolutionary 4 in 1 Versa-mow system that let you to mulch, bag, discharge, and shred leaves while you’re moving. 

Moreover, the machine is equipped with a large 2.5 bushel-capacity grass bag. It makes easier for emptying and saves you a lot of time.

This mower has another amaze, it’s mowing deck which is made of NeXite. It’s a high impact resistant material that doesn’t dent or get rusty over time.

5. Greenworks Brushless Self-Propelled Mower M-210-SP

First things first, You already know about Greenworks. Yeah! we already talked about 40V & 2.5 Ah (MO40L02). But In this Greenworks M210, you’ll get 40v with 5.0 Ah or 6.0 Ah battery and charger.

Anyways, The M210 by Greenworks is particularly notable for its environment-friendly operation thanks to its rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

The M210 also comes with a smart cut load sensing technology that not only produces high-quality cuts on all types of grass but also preserves charge when the cuts are easy.

Also, the lawnmower comes with 3 in 1 discharge capabilities which include rear discharge, mulching, and side discharge.

Why We Choose It:

With so many facilities there are no reasons why you won’t choose it. Durable 21 inches steel deck, brushless motor that provides more torque, 3 in 1 discharge capabilities, dual battery port design that lets one battery to be stored while the other fuels the mower for non-stop cutting, USB port in a battery to charge all portable electronic devices and many more!

You can easily adjust the mower’s height to seven different cutting heights. As the mower is cordless, you’ll be able to mow far places from a charging station without any hassles.

Moreover, you can comfortably fold and lock the handlebar for a compact storage.

The 21-inch steel cutting deck enables you to mow large areas of grass with only a few passes. Another cool feature is its brushless motor that provides more torque as well as more power to your tool.

This feature can produce decent quality cuts even on difficult to cut grasses such as wet grasses. It automatically increases its power output to confirm wet grasses end up with high-quality cuts.

6. Yard Force Lithium-Ion 22” Self-Propelled 3-in-1 Mower

The next in line on our best self propelled electric lawn mower review is this lawnmower by Yard Ford. This mower is a beast in performance, versatility, and power. Furthermore,it’s the market leader in Lithium-Ion powered mowers and is ideal for yards up to ½ acre.

Yard Force Lithium-Ion 22 Self-Propelled

The 120vRX brushless motor has the torque of a gas engine that can cut through all grass types. This mower constructed to last with an ultra-durable 22-inch steel deck.

Also, it designed to be compact for storage purposes and use in tight spaces. You can get it cleaned, cut, trimmed, chipped with a Yard force tool. 

Why We Choose It:

It’s a solid mower with a great warranty. The ability to mulch and bag is better than any other electric model and is on par with powerful gas products as well. With low noise levels, and no gas and oil requirements, the Yard Force is a must-have.

It has two batteries installed with runtime up to 100 minutes on a single charge. If one battery is completely discharged, the sensor powers the other battery to keep you going. Also, you can operate the mower with only one battery if you need to charge the other battery while cutting.

The steel cutting deck offers 7 different cut heights ranging from 1.25” up to 4”. You can easily adjust this height with the handle located just in front of the right rear wheel.

You can also set the speed in 5 positions from anywhere between 1.75MPH and 3MPH by pushing forward or pulling back on the speed lever on the handle.

Moreover, the wheels are 8” in the front and 12” in the back that makes it very easier to maneuver in tight spaces.

7. Troy-Bilt 12AVA2MR766 Self-Propelled Wheel Drive Mower 

Troy-Bilt is one of the most popular brand names in outdoor equipment and is worth a closer look if you’re looking for a high-quality gas-powered lawnmower. To be more precise, we want to have a look at this brand’s 12AVA2MR766 mower.

Troy-Bilt 12AVA2MR766

This lawnmower features a self-propelled design that takes a lot of the effort out of mowing your lawn.

There is a perception that gas-powered lawn mowers are harder to use than an electric mower of small size, but Troy-Bilt has put a lot of effort into making this ease of use. 

Why We Choose It:

If you’ve ever struggled with pushing a heavy motor then you would definitely know the importance of this self-propelled system. The reason for choosing this device is its 159cc OVH gas-powered engine and 8-inch wheels. It’s a self-propulsion system with variable speed control. Moreover, you’ll get a deck wash adapter for easy cleaning.

If you’re someone who has a small to medium-sized yard, then you won’t need a large lawnmower to complete the yard work. 

The cutting deck size of this mower is 21 inch which is the perfect size for a medium-sized lawn.

So, for its smaller cutting decks, you’ll need to perform more passes over the lawn to finish the job.

Troy Bilt 12AVA2MR766 Lawn Mower

Though the mower comes in at a very reasonable price, it doesn’t cut corners when it comes to quality.

8. CRAFTSMAN V60 Cordless Lawn Mower, Self-Propelled

This CRAFTSMAN V60 cordless mower is one of the Best Self Propelled Battery Operated Lawn Mower in our reviewed list. And it, includes a 7.5 Ah battery that can run for about 70-minutes continually.

Craftsman V60 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Aside from that, this guy comes with a brushless motor and two-speed variable switch to make the most of the machine. The handles are super comfy with a rubber grip to provide you with optimum control.

This mower also has a 21-inch metal deck that promises excellent longevity durability.

Another great feature of the Craftsman V60 is its single lever height adjustment settings. No matter what size the grass is or the type of terrain, this bad boy will take care of it all.

Why We Choose It:

The reason why we chose the Craftsman V60 is due to its incredible performance at a budget-friendly price. Despite being an affordable model, they made no compromise with the machine’s quality and features. Its powerful motor is able to cut through a large lawn and the long run time will help you work with the mower uninterruptedly. Also, the adjustable-height feature is the cherry on top that has made it through our list of the best self-propelled lawnmowers.

It comes with multiple height adjustment settings starting from 1.5-inches to 4-inches to ensure you have fresh-cut grass with optimum height in all seasons.

The V60 includes the vertical folding position that gives it super compact size.

Therefore, you can store it anywhere without any hassle. You’ll also get a 4-years limited warranty with this unit.

9. Greenworks PRO 21-Inch 80V Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower

Finally, we have another Greenworks in our best self propelled electric lawn mower review but this is beast in power. One of Best Greenworks Lawn Mower is this Greenworks PRO 21-Inch 80V Brushless Lawn Mower. Battery-operated, this lawn mower is super-efficient and eco-friendly, as well as doesn’t need you to spend any money on fuel.

Greenworks Pro 80v Mower

The 21-inch deck is super sleek with an excellent outlook that will make lawn mowing a pleasure to your eyes. It features large 10-inch rear wheels that provide the optimum level of grip on all terrains.

It’s powered by an 80-volt Lithium Max Battery System that ensures maximum power output from the mower. 

It comes with a single-touch star for a hassle-free mowing experience. All the Greenworks Pro devices incorporate their innovative Digi-pro brushless motors for seamless performance.

Why We Choose It:

One of the very reasons we chose the Greenworks Pro 80V is due to its incredible power and eco-friendliness. It has a variety of innovative features such as Smart-cut technology, DigiPro brushless motors that made it one of our favorites. However, you need to buy the battery and the charger separately. With proper care, this will last you for ages.

One of the best features of this lawn mower is that it comes with a whopping seven different height settings that allow you to cut grasses on different ground conditions and height levels.

The Smart Cut technology utilizes the run time and makes the most use of battery power.

Greenworks PRO 21-Inch 80V Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

When it comes to safety, Greenworks makes no excuse. This mower is loaded with multiple safety features such as a side discharge chute, rear chute, grass catcher bag, etc.

Buying Guide: What to Look for in an Electric Lawn Mower

Things to Consider Before the Purchase Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower With Electric Start. Is it give you top notch service in real life uses?


What should you really may need to concern before buying best self propelled cordless electric lawn mower?

Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower With Electric Start

Now, how do you decide which self-propelled lawn mower to buy? Even though we’ve featured just a few options, you may still struggle with picking the right one.

Well, let’s have a look at the key things that you should be looking for while shopping for a self-propelled lawn mower.

Price: (Most Common But Important Things to Consider)

The price of a product is one of the most important considerations whenever you’re making a purchase. In this article, we have featured self-propelled electric lawn mowers from all price ranges so that everyone can get one within their budget.

While an expensive lawn mower is likely better than a cheap one, you shouldn’t pay more than necessary. You should understand what you need exactly and pick the most cost-efficient lawn mower that satisfies your needs.

Durability: (Most Important Things That Everyone Should Check First)

As you’ll be investing your hard-earned money on the machine, it must last you a while so that you can make the most use of it. From the engine to the wheels, everything should be of top-notch quality to ensure that the machine gives you service for years. Before making the purchase, always read reviews from the users to ensure the quality and the durability of the unit.

Lawn Size: (Is a Self Propelled Electric Lawn Mower Right For You?)

The size of the lawn is a factor that you should take into consideration while buying the lawnmower. One lawnmower doesn’t work well for all sizes of lawns. So, make sure the one you go for is suitable for your lawn.

Walk-behind mowers are an excellent choice for small lawns. These mowers are quite budget-friendly and easy to operate as well. There are eco-friendly which is a huge plus considering their price. On the other hand,riding mowers work excellent with larger lawns as they can mow super-efficiently and quickly.

Deck Width: ( Fact Between Your Lawn Size & Grass Amount)

The deck width determines how much grass you can cut at a time. This feature determines the time you’ll need to mow the lawn. Deck with 12-inches is enough for shorter lawns.

However, small decks also work well for large lawns but it’ll take a longer time for the mower to complete the job. For larger lawns, go for decks with 20-inches or above.

Wheel Size: ( Another Important Features To Consider)

Being a self-propelled mower, it will be moving on its own. The wheel size differs a bit with different models. A larger wheel provides better mobility as they have a larger surface area. Also, notice that if the wheels come with swiveling feature or not as that will give the mower better control on tricky terrains.

Height Adjustment: (Most Cool Features On A Lawn Mower)

The height adjustment is a crucial feature for a self-propelled lawn mower because it orders to have healthy and beautiful grass on the lawn, you should never cut them below thirty percent of their overall height. 

If you cut the grass below thirty percent of the height then it’ll weaken them and make them more vulnerable to various kinds of diseases. The grass will eventually go yellow and not look healthy no matter how much you water them.

Therefore, the height adjustment is a vital feature that should be considered while shopping for that best self-propelled lawnmower. This will give you the flexibility to cut the grass according to the required height of the grass.

Usually, the mowers come with multiple height adjustment settings. A mower with three or four settings is sufficient enough to work on all types of the grass height. However, the more the merrier as that will give you greater flexibility to cut the grass for all kinds of terrain conditions.

Safety Features: ( Are Electric lawn Mowers Safe?)

These lawnmowers cut the grasses with the help of a spinning blade underneath. Make sure the mower you buy comes with a safety blade override so that you can keep yourself safe from potential injuries. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

What Are The Benefits of Electric Lawn Mowers ?
What Are The Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower With Benefits?

The self-propelled electric lawn mowers are loaded with tons of benefits. They’ll make your life a lot more hassle-free and make the lawn stay in a fantastic condition throughout the year.

These quiet good and cool features that make lawn mower the most beneficial tools in our yard or garden mowing life.

Quiet Operation: (Are Electric Lawn Mowers Quiet?)

Despite high power, these mowers work super quietly. Unlike the regular lawn mowers, there will be no excessive noise. Therefore, you’ll be able to mow the lawn anytime you want without worrying about disturbing the neighbors.

Environment-Friendly: (Are Electric Lawn Mowers Better For The Environment?)

The electric lawn mowers are environment-friendly and they cause no harm while operating as they don’t use gasoline or any other fossil fuel to operate. Also, it doesn’t bear with any leakage issue that may disrupt the quality of the grass.

Efficient: (Are Electric Lawn Mowers Any Good?)

As we said earlier, the electric lawn mower requires no gasoline to operate therefore, there’s no continuous investment required for the fuel.

Also, they are very low-maintenance which makes them super cost-efficient. With proper care, these bad boys will last you for ages.

Superb Power: (Professional Lawn Care Tools)

You know! Most of electric lawn mower horsepower enable battery included. Just because they’re not powered with gasoline, don’t think that they’re any less powerful than the gas-powered lawnmowers. All the self-propelled electric mowers that we reviewed here are of excellent quality and very powerful in cutting grasses.

Tips On Electric Lawn Mower Maintenance:

Self-propelled electric lawn mowers are low maintenance and easy to operate.

However, following some simple regular procedures will enhance the machine’s performance and increase its life cycle to a great extent.

Electric Lawn Mower Maintenance

Step-1: Before you start operating the lawnmower, make sure you go through the user’s manual thoroughly to learn properly about the usage procedure. It may seem like a routine procedure, however, reading the manual will give you a heads up on the procedure and help you make better use of it.

Step-2: Always clean the mower after the use as that will keep the blades sharp and also keep the machine away from any germs or bacteria. Some of the mowers come with a built-in washout port to make the cleaning task easier. Also, Mower carburetor needs to cleaning in several times.
Know, How To Clean It?

Step-3: Like all the other types of blades, the lawnmower blades tend to get dull over the course of time. You’ll not be able to cut the grass as effectively as you would have with sharp blades. Sharpen the blade once every few months

Step-4: The self-propelled lawn mowers are battery operated and they run on an engine. To ensure a healthy life of the engine, oil them regularly to keep them running good as new for years.

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7 Essential Electric Lawn Mower Safety Tips:

It’s important that you follow some basic precautionary measures while operating a lawnmower. Below are some of the most essential lawn mowing tips that may save you a trip to the emergency room.

Tips-1: Always read the manual before proceeding with the mower. It might seem like a piece of cake but never start machinery without reading the instruction manual thoroughly.

Tips-2: Have a walk on the lawn before mowing to take away any material during the mowing process.

Tips-3: Wear proper footwear while mowing as that will reduce the potential hazard of injuries.

Tips-4: Never let your children mow the lawn unsupervised. If you want to encourage your child doing chores then stay by their side while they mow the lawn.

Tips-5: A lawnmower is run by an engine and it may get very hot with continuous use. Do not touch a hot engine as that may lead to severe burn injuries.

Tips-6: Make sure you never drive the mower with the blades out on a gravel driveway. This will deteriorate the quality of the blades and make them dull.

Tips-7: No matter how easy it may seem, never run your fingers to remove a twig or any material while the machine is on. Always switch it off to remove any obstruction from the mower.

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FAQ’s- About Self-Propelled Lawn Mower:

1. Do I need to push the self-propelled lawnmower?

Ans: The purpose of getting a self-propelled lawnmower is to reduce the requirement of pushing the mower around. Sometimes the mower might struggle depending on the type of terrain. You may need to give it a slight push if the machine gets stuck.

2. Can I use the mower on hilly terrains?

Ans: The self-propelled mowers are excellent for hilly terrains. The wheels have an optimum amount of adhesive friction on their wheels which makes them a great choice for sloppy terrains.

3. Is the self-propelled mower better than the gas-powered mowers?

Ans: The self-propelled mowers don’t need to be pushed around to cut the grass and they are also more cost-efficient. Whereas, the gas-powered mowers need a constant change of fuels as they run on gas.


Mowing the lawn is quite a tiresome job and many of us tend to avoid it. However, with these best self propelled electric lawn mower, you don’t need to drag it around through the lawn to cut the grasses.

We have narrowed down the best self propelled lawn mowers with tons of innovative features to make lawn mowing easy as a breeze for you.

We have picked the lawn mowers from different price range so that everyone can find their best match. So, pick your best match and have a hassle-free lawn mowing experience.

And don’t forget to give us appreciates if you like our best self propelled electric lawn mower review by sharing or commenting about it.

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  1. Rear wheel diameter: A mower can have all four wheels the same diameter (seven to eight inches) or it may have rear wheels that range from 9.5 inches to 12 inches in diameter. Larger rear wheels help the mower better ride over bumpy ground.

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