The 7 Best Angle Grinder for Concrete Grinding in 2021

It takes a lot of time and effort to cut and grind concrete. You can do it faster with less effort with the help of a grinder, thanks to the advancement of technology. A grinder can grind, cut, sharpen, and even clean the concrete.

However, not all grinders are suitable for your needs. Comfort, flexibility, and usability are important. It would help if you also considered the speed, dust collection, and depth.

Considering all those factors to find the best angle grinders for concrete is a hard nut to crack. But once you do, it provides you enough flexibility and smoothness to your work. You can save your time and effort while ensuring the best output.

Our Editor Choice Top 3 Best Angle Grinder for Concrete

Top Rated
Dewalt DCG412B 20V MAX* Lithium Ion 4-1/2” grinder (Tool Only)
Top Selling
BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool, 4-1/2-Inch, 6 Amp (BDEG400)
Editor Choice
Makita XAG04Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 4-1/2” / 5" Cut-Off/Angle Grinder, Tool Only
Dewalt DCG412B 20V MAX* Lithium Ion 4-1/2” grinder (Tool Only)
BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool, 4-1/2-Inch, 6 Amp (BDEG400)
Makita XAG04Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 4-1/2” / 5" Cut-Off/Angle Grinder, Tool Only
Top Rated
Dewalt DCG412B 20V MAX* Lithium Ion 4-1/2” grinder (Tool Only)
Dewalt DCG412B 20V MAX* Lithium Ion 4-1/2” grinder (Tool Only)
Top Selling
BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool, 4-1/2-Inch, 6 Amp (BDEG400)
BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool, 4-1/2-Inch, 6 Amp (BDEG400)
Editor Choice
Makita XAG04Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 4-1/2” / 5" Cut-Off/Angle Grinder, Tool Only
Makita XAG04Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 4-1/2” / 5" Cut-Off/Angle Grinder, Tool Only

You will find lots of options to pick from, but unfortunately, not all of them are good. Going through all those options to select a concrete angle grinder seems overwhelming to newbies. We have narrowed down the list and come up with these 7 top-rated grinders to cut concrete.

1. Dewalt DCG412B- Best Concrete Cutting Angle Grinder

Dewalt DCG412B 20V MAX* Lithium Ion 4-1/2” grinder (Tool Only)
  • 8,000 rpm motor provides high power for cutting and grinding applications for the angle grinder
  • DEWALT grinder comes with Quick-Change Wheel Release allowing tool free wheel removal without need for a wrench
  • Tool-free guard of the metal grinder allows for quick and easy guard adjustments/positioning

The most suitable angle grinders search starts with the Dewalt angle grinder. Its 8,000-rpm motor delivers the power you need to cut and grind concrete. It goes from 0 to full speed within a second to provide superior speed.

You will also have a quick-change grinding wheel release that eradicates the need to use tools when removing wheels. The guard is also tool-free. You can adjust it quickly and easily for more comfort. The 2-finger trigger switch makes it more comfortable to activate the tool.

A lock-off button is there that offers relaxed gripping. You cannot work with the grinder for long when you do not get a comfortable grip. Its 2-position side delivers holder for better control, maneuvering, and flexibility.

The lightweight construction makes it more natural to carry and move. It also assists you to lift and serve for a long time without paining your hand muscles. The Lithium 20v battery provides a decent backup to generate that fast speed. To conclude, it can be the best concrete angle grinder for its high power, heavy-duty comfort.

  • High power output for cutting concrete
  • Tool-less wheel change and guard adjustment for more convenient
  • 2-finger trigger and lock button ensures easy activation
  • Lightweight design with 2-position handlebar for easy handling
  • Comfortable gripping for easy maneuvering
  • Low battery life

2. Bosch 1375A– Best Angle Grinder for Cutting Concrete Slabs

Bosch 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder 1375A
  • Compact: Weighing only 3.75 pounds, the Bosch 1375A Angle Grinder is lightweight, compact, and ideal for metal workers, vehicle fabricators, plumbers and other professionals who use grinders on a daily basis
  • Power: The angle grinder features a Powerful 6.0 amp motor to produce 11,000 no load rpm for professional cutting and grinding applications; The Efficient motor was designed with an extremely small field diameter, letting the user grind or cut with ease
  • Comfort: The 1375A offers a 2 position side auxiliary handle specifically designed to angle to a natural position for maximum operator comfort; The top handle of the angle grinder is also ergonomically designed

Bosch 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder is another excellent one for its amazing useful features. It’s powerful 6.0 amp motor can generate up to 11,000 no-load rpm. You can do all kinds of professional cutting jobs smoothly with this high variable speed grinder.

Besides, it weighs only 3.75 pounds. You can comfortably carry and maneuver this 1375A Angle Grinder. The compact design allows you to control the grinder without paining your hand. You will also have a 2 side auxiliary handle.

Set the handle in your desired and suitable position for even more operator convenience. It supports both the left and right-handed person with the same benefits. Anyone can keep the machine in hand for a long time. The Service Minder Brush System turns the machine off when maintenance is needed.

It removes any guesswork and allows doing maintenance when necessary. The epoxy-coated design protects the grinder from debris, where the sealed switch keeps dust and debris away. It can be the most desirable angle grinder for cutting concrete slabs for its 5/8 inches to 11 inches spindle.

  • 6.0 amp motor with 11,000 no-load rpm ensures enough power
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design ensures easy operation
  • 2-position side auxiliary handle is suitable for convenient use
  • Service Minder Brush System keeps the tool under maintenance
  • The epoxy-coated design ensures longevity and durability
  • Tools required to change the guard position

3. BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool

BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool, 4-1/2-Inch, 6 Amp (BDEG400)
  • Metal gear case for durability and longer life
  • 3 Position side handle provides added comfort and control
  • Spindle lock for easy accessory changes

When you are about to start grinding, the BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder can be a good starting one. It comes with a metal gear case that will protect the grinder from outside impact. You can enjoy the durability and longer life from it.

The 3 Point side-handle allows you to set the holder to the maximum useful position. It assists you to get even better control no matter if you are left-handed or right-handed. Besides, the narrow-body provides a more comfortable grip. It helps you operate the grinder for a long time.

It’s lightweight and compact design help to store and carry the grinder. You can take it in your bag and go to your working area without even feeling extra weight. It also features with spindle lock. You can change the accessories easily with maximum safety.

You will have a one-touch release switch that turns off the machine fast. In case of an emergency or any situation, this paddle switch will come in handy. To conclude, no matter if you need a grinder for preparation, grinding, cutting, sharpening, and removing, it will be a good option to pick.

  • Metal gear case ensures durability and longevity
  • 3 Position handle delivers convenient at work
  • Narrow-body provides better gripping
  • Lightweight features offer easy storage and carrying
  • The locking system allows easy accessories changing
  • No Service Minder Brush System for maintenance

4. PORTER-CABLE– Best Angle Grinder for Grinding Concrete

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Angle Grinder Tool, 4-1/2-Inch, Tool Only (PCC761B)
  • High performance motor of angle grinder produces 8,500 rpm for aggressive cutting, removal and finishing
  • Cast metal gear housing helps dissipate heat during extended use of metal grinder
  • Contoured Overmolded Handle of the hand grinder is optimized for increased comfort

This PORTER 20V MAX Grinder comes into the market to solve the concrete grinding problem. When cutting a concrete sleeper with an angle grinder is your concern, consider this one. It features a high-performance motor that generates up to 8,500-rpm speed.

With this high power, you can perform aggressive cutting, removing, and finishing the concrete like a pro. Its metal gear housing allows you to use the grinder for a long time by dissipating the heat. It prevents overheating and keeps your machine safe always.

The contoured over-molded Handle offers a better grip to increase comfort. You can even get better control with this grip. Set the handle to your most convenient position to get more control and comfort.

It has a spindle locking system that provides a safe and easy wheel change. Tool-Free Guard assists you to modify the guard quickly. You do not need to hire a professional or use a tool to change the wheel or alter the guard. You will also have a 20V High-performance battery to support the speed. To conclude, when you want a complete package, make sure you consider this one for its durability, comfort, and performance.

  • 8,500-rpm speed allows versatile grinding
  • Metal gear housing dissipates heat to let you work for a long time
  • Contoured over molded Handle provides maximum comfort
  • Tool-less design makes the use easier and better
  • Need to buy batteries and a charger

5. AVID POWER 7.5-Amp-

Angle Grinder 7.5-Amp 4-1/2 inch with 2 Grinding Wheels, 2 Cutting Wheels, Flap Disc and Auxiliary Handle AVID POWER (Red)
2,965 Reviews
Angle Grinder 7.5-Amp 4-1/2 inch with 2 Grinding Wheels, 2 Cutting Wheels, Flap Disc and Auxiliary Handle AVID POWER (Red)
  • Powerful Angle Grinder - Equipped with 7.5 Amps motor with 900W max output power, this portable grinder can produce no-load speed of 11000RPM for most demanding applications.
  • Ergonomic Design - Slim, lightweight and compact body design can provide better comfort and reduce fatigue in professional cutting and grinding applications.
  • Convenient Operation - Integrated spindle lock on the disc grinder is for quicker and easier abrasive wheels replacement; 2-Position auxiliary handle position for greater control, comfort & versatility in all applications.

AVID POWER Angle Grinder 7.5-Amp can be a good option if you need a high-power grinder. The 7.5 Amps motor offers 900W max output power. It can also generate a no-load speed of 11000 RPM that will fulfill the demand of different applications.

The Slim and lightweight body make it easy to move and carry. It also delivers better support and control when working. You do not even feel fatigued when using the grinder for a long time. It will be a good option if you want to work professionally on a big project.

Its modern design provides fast heat dissipation that keeps the tool cool even after heavy use. Besides, you will have an integrated lock on the disc. It enables easy abrasive wheel replacement with safety. The 2-Position auxiliary handle ensures better comfort.

It comes with a rubber handle for better control. And the protective cover prevents sparks and metal chips. Also, it helps stay safe from any accident and unwanted situation. Its safety trigger makes it even safer to use. To conclude, you will rarely find a good option like this one for its quality, comfort, and safety for high-power yet safe use.

  • 11000RPM speed makes it versatile to use
  • Lightweight and compact body ensures better portability
  • Modern design dissipates heat to keep the tool cool
  • Integrated spindle lock offers easy wheel change
  • Rubber handle provides better control and comfort
  • Fewer flexibility objections from few users

6. Metabo HPT-

Metabo HPT Angle Grinder | 4-1/2-Inch | Includes 5 Grinding Wheels & Hard Case | 6.2-Amp Motor | Compact & Lightweight | G12SR4
2,432 Reviews
Metabo HPT Angle Grinder | 4-1/2-Inch | Includes 5 Grinding Wheels & Hard Case | 6.2-Amp Motor | Compact & Lightweight | G12SR4
  • INCLUDES: 4 1/2" Angle grinder, five grinding wheels and a carrying case
  • MOTOR: 6.2 Amp motor with 980W of max output power for tough grinding jobs
  • SPINDLE LOCK: Spindle lock for quick and easy disc and accessory changes

Up next is Metabo HPT Angle Grinder that is rich in features with advanced functionalities. The 6.2 Amp motor comes with 980W of max output power. You can use the grinder where high speed is necessary. It allows you to work with versatile projects, including concrete.

Besides, it comes with five grinding wheels to use when necessary. The 4.0 lbs weight provides better control and maneuverability. You can use the tool for a long time without experiencing any fatigue. The compact design makes it even easier to carry. A carrying case is there to help you carry the tool.

You will also have a lock that allows fast accessory changes. The left-mounted slide switch along with the quick-off feature offers additional safety to your work. Apart from that, its removable, forward-canted side holder offers better control for both the left and right-handers.

Besides, it features a smaller grip so you can have a satisfying experience while working. It reduces fatigue as well. The new labyrinth design keeps dust and debris away. You always get a clean and clear working surface. The low-profile gear case allows you to work in a confined area. To conclude, it will be a good grinder for any grinding project for the power, flexibility, and comfort it offers.

  • High-power motor for higher speed work
  • Five grinding wheels for a long time use
  • Lightweight design and rubber grip provide better control
  • Spindle lock and a slide switch for an easy wheel change and safety
  • Labyrinth design keeps the working surface and machine clean
  • No heat control facility mentioned

7. Makita XAG04Z-

Makita XAG04Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 4-1/2” / 5' Cut-Off/Angle Grinder, Tool Only
1,275 Reviews
Makita XAG04Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 4-1/2” / 5" Cut-Off/Angle Grinder, Tool Only
  • Automatic Speed Change technology adjusts speed and torque during operation for optimum performance
  • Active Feedback-sensing Technology (AFT) turns the motor off if rotation of the wheel is suddenly forced to stop
  • The BL Brushless Motor eliminates carbon brushes, enabling the BL Motor to run cooler and more efficiently for longer life

The search for the best angle grinder for concrete ends with Makita XAG04Z 18V Angle Grinder. It features a BL brushless motor to remove carbon brushes. It keeps the motor cooler for a long time with higher efficiency. You can even get up to 50 percent longer battery run time for this feature.

Besides, it has an automatic variable speed change feature that will adjust the speed and torque according to need. It ensures optimum performance. The feedback sensing technology will turn your motor off when wheel rotation is forced to stop.

You will also have a soft rubberized grip which delivers additional comfort on the job. And it also ensures better control with better grip. A slide switch with a lock-on ensures the safety and easy grinding wheel change. The soft-start exceeds start-up reaction to deliver smoother start-ups. It also provides longer gear.

The spiral bevel gears offer a smooth rotation and better efficient energy transfer. You can get better results with the same energy. To conclude, it is undoubtedly one of the best grinders you can have for grinding concrete or others, including pipe, conduit, and more.

  • Brushless motor for better speed with higher efficiency
  • Automatic speed change option provides comfort
  • The rubberized soft grip offers better control
  • Slide switch ensures easy wheel changes
  • Spiral bevel gear delivers smoother orations
  • Not suitable for left-hander

The Consideration and Buying Guides of Concrete Grinder Machine

You might not pick the right one even after having the list of some top-rated grinders. Why? Well, you do not know what to look for. Here is a guide that will help you understand all those important factors to look for and make a better decision.

Motor power

Motor power determines the speed of the grinder. Make sure the power is high enough to generate enough speed to grind concrete. Otherwise, it might not operate effectively on the concrete.

Side handle

The side handle should be adjustable and comfortable. It would be best if you placed the handle in different positions for better control. Also, if you are a left-hander, a non-adjustable handle might not work at all.

Grips and controling

You will have better control when you have better gripping. To get better gripping, you should always look for a rubber grip. Also, the grip should be thin enough so that you can have comfort.


You are not going to use the grinder at your home most probably. That is why it has to be lightweight and compact so that you can take it anywhere you want. At the same time, small size will help you store the tool in your bag easily.

Comfortness and protection

No matter how good the tool is, if it is uncomfortable, you cannot enjoy working with it. So make sure you check the comfort the tool offers. Do not forget to check the safety protection as well.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions regarding the best grinder for concrete? Then have a look at these questions below.

What is the best angle grinder for concrete cutting?

The quality angle grinders for cutting concrete should offer high speed, comfort, durability, and better control. It should also be lightweight, easy to carry, and rich in features. After considering all of the above factors, the Dewalt DCG412B 20V MAX* Lithium Ion 4-1/2” grinder can be a good option to pick.

Can I grind concrete with an angle grinder?

Yes, an angle grinder can grind concrete if the motor is powerful enough. Also, the grinder wheel has to be a diamond cup wheel to withstand the pressure it requires.

Can you use a grinder on concrete?

Yes, you can use a grinder on concrete to level or grind the concrete. A very efficient tool makes the job easier to save time.

What is the best brand of an angle grinder?

Dewalt, Bosch, and Porter-Cable are the top three brands in the market offering high-quality grinders. You can also consider Metabo also known as Hitachi.


Now you know why you should always go for the best angle grinder for concrete. It will ease your work with its high power, strength, and speed. You can experience comfort, flexibility, and convenience and save your time and effort. In contrast, a wrong tool can take more time and effort to complete your task.

Know your requirement first to match them with the tool’s features and pick the right one. Remember that the best grinder might not be suitable for your particular project. It would help if you always looked for the most suitable one with higher quality instead of focusing on the best one.

We have portrayed some good grinders designed for concrete use with their features, pros, and cons. It will help you match the features to your requirements. Do that to ensure the best decision-making.

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