The 9 Best Inflatable Air Pump 2022- Which One Should You Buy?

(Last Updated On: August 16, 2022)

Ever tried inflating your inflatables with breath? Or with a manual pump?

Then you must know the pain. It becomes worse when the inflatable is larger. You need to breathe or pump for a long time to inflate an inflatable.

An inflatable air pump comes to solve the problem. It takes seconds to inflate anything that reduces your effort and time.

When picking a pump, make sure to get the best inflatable air pump to enjoy maximum benefits. Otherwise, it will waste your valuable time. You cannot enjoy the inflatables when you are busy with your air pumps.

Top 9 best inflatable air pumps

You will find hundreds of inflatables out there. Going through all of them is not possible. We have narrowed down the list and come up with 9 inflatable air pumps. Among those 9, here are the top three.

Best overall AGPtEK Portable Quick-Fill Air Pump

Best for kayakDr. Meter Inflator Deflator for Outdoor Camping

Best for air mattressEtekcity Electric Air Pump Air Mattress

1. Coleman- Best inflatable boat air pump

Coleman QuickPump 12V Electric Pump
  • Convenient electric pump plugs into the 12-volt outlet in a car or boat
  • Lightweight, compact, and portable design
  • Great for camping trips and boating

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Coleman QuickPump is one of the best portable air pumps for your inflatables. It offers superior power with wide compatibility. The electric pump plug is compatible with any 12-volt outlet. You can simply use it in your car or boat outlet and inflate your inflatables smoothly.

Its lightweight design makes it extremely portable. You can take it with you for camping trips and boating and it will not disappoint you. The compact size provides an easy storage facility in your boat, backpack, or car.

Along with inflating, this quick pump deflates any inflatables as well. You do not have to wait for a long time and push the inflatables such as the airbed to deflate thanks to its double Lock valve.

You will have Boston and pinch valve adapters that make it even more compatible with common inflatables. It will help you blow up inflatables such as toys, inflatable beds, and others.

When it comes to construction, Coleman QuickPump offers superior durability. You can expect a longer lifespan. The construction also helps you use it in any tough condition.    

  • Suitable with car or boat outlet
  • Lightweight to carry anywhere
  • Compact and durable design for easy storage
  • Double lock valve for faster inflation and deflation
  • Compatible with versatile inflatables
  • No built-in storage for nozzles

2. AGPtEK Portable Quick-Fill Air Pump

Electric Air Pump, AGPtEK Portable Quick-Fill Air Pump with 3 Nozzles, 110V AC/12V DC,...
  • Powerful Electric Air Pump -- The AGPtek air pumps are so powerful that it can not only inflate items but also deflate products by sucking air out! Car power adapter and home power adapter are included, making it possible for indoor and outdoor use. ( NOTE: This air pump is NOT rechargeable and NOT FOR BALLOONS!!!!!! )
  • 3 Nozzles to Choose -- We have 3 nozzles of different size in the electric air mattress pumps – S, M and L, allowing you to inflate/deflate different items in any occasions!
  • Easy to Use -- The inflatable mattress pump is compatible with 12V DC and 110 -120V AC power supply. To inflatable, just put the inflatable head at the filling hold, then press the switch. To deflate, you should put the inflatable head in the vent hole, then press the switch to deflate. Our electric air mattress pumps are simple to operate.

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AGPtEK Portable Quick-Fill Air Pump is another excellent air pump with its 3 additional nozzles. These additional nozzles are different from each other in size. It helps you use the air pump to inflate versatile inflatables.

You can inflate cushions, airbeds, airboats, furniture, and others smoothly. This one does not only inflate but also deflate your inflatables. It reduces pressure on you and saves your time to deflate anything by sucking air fast.

Apart from that, this air pump comes with a car and home power adapter. It allows you to use this pump at your home or anywhere you go. Its 12V DC and 110 -120V AC supply increases its compatibility too.

The power cord length is 1.8M. You can get long access from your car or home outlet. It makes it more convenient to use. This mattress pump is lightweight and compact which makes it convenient to use.

You can move or take it anywhere you want and store it when not in use. With its 0.5PS or 3500PA power output, it can work faster to inflate anything.

  • Different nozzles make it versatile to use
  • Inflate and deflate at the same time to save time and effort
  • Compatible with home and car outlet
  • Long cord length for enhanced accessibility
  • Light and compact for added portability
  • A little bit noisy

3. Intex quick fill electric pump

Intex Quick-Fill Battery Air Pump, 6 C-Cell Battery, Max. Air Flow 420 L/min
  • Operates on 6 C-Cell size batteries
  • Includes 3 interconnecting nozzles
  • Max air flow: 420 L/min

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For camping, beach, or pool parties, you need a small and lightweight pump. Also, the air pump has to be portable and battery-powered. If your concern is to get such a portable air pump for inflatables, consider Intex Quick-Fill Air Pump Series.

It comes with 6 C-Cell size batteries that help you use it indoors and outdoors even without electricity. These batteries avoid the use of a car, boat, or home outlets and deliver superior accessibility.

Besides, you will get 3 interconnecting nozzles of different sizes. These nozzles help you use the pump for versatile operations such as pool toys, airbeds, and others. With its max airflow of 420 L/min, it might not inflate tires or large inflatables, but it can easily handle low-pressure inflatables.

The weight of this is 0.94 Pounds. This lightweight design makes it convenient to carry the pump anywhere you go without increasing your backpack weight. It also comes in a compact design to store it anywhere when not in use.

Its strong construction can also handle tough environments and basic bumps when riding the car. Apart from those, it can both inflate and deflate inflatables to save your effort and time.

  • Batteries make it suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to carry for its lightweight design
  • The compact size makes it easy to store
  • 3 nozzles for versatile operations
  • Inflate and deflate for saving time
  • Not that powerful

4. Sanipoe AC/DC Electric Air Pump

sanipoe Electric Air Pump 110V AC/12V DC 2 Way Quick-Fill Air Beds Pump Attachments with 3...
  • DC12V/110V US Plug - 2 Way Air Pump supports both car cigarette and standard household power supply. CE Certified
  • Portable deflator/inflator - palm size electrical pump inflates/ deflates airbeds, rafts and other large inflatables with ease. What you get: electric air pump, output US plug, cigarette plug, home AC adapter.
  • 3 nozzles for multiple devices - allow you to inflate/ deflate different interface. This air pump can be used with airbed, inflatable pool/boat/sofa/bathtub/water bed/swim rings/Exercise balls.

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You do not have an entire day to inflate your toys, sofa, or other inflatables. It prevents you from focusing on enjoying your time. To solve the problem, the Electric Air Pump Quick-Fill Air Pump from Sanipoe comes into the market.

It delivers 4000-6000 Pa pressure output. You can inflate a medium airbed within 2 minutes. It helps you enjoy the moment instead of wasting time inflating the inflatables.

Besides, this Air Pump is compatible with both car cigarettes and household power outlets. You can use it at your home or take it to your camping for more fun. Since it is CE Certified, you can be sure that it is safe and environment-friendly.

The design of this air pump makes it even better for outdoor use. It weighs 1.02lbs and fits in your palm perfectly. Its compact design also helps you store it in your backpack or car without losing too much space.

Another great thing about this pump is its ability to inflate and deflate. You can consider it as the best air pump for inflatable rafts since it can inflate and deflate rafts and other large inflatables.

This air pump features 3 nozzles for multiple devices. It allows you to use the pump for different inflatables including airbeds, sofas, rafts, and others. With its 70 inches cord length, it also delivers better access.

Abs construction makes it even stronger to withstand small impacts as well. To conclude, consider the Electric Air Pump 110V AC/12V DC 2 Way Quick-Fill Air Beds Pump if your concern is to get the best air pump for inflatable pool toys.

  • Versatile operations with 3 nozzles
  • Comfortable to carry for lightweight and compact design
  • Inflate and deflate large inflatables
  • Compatible with car and home use
  • Long cord for better rich
  • Cannot use more than 20 minutes ceaselessly

5. Etekcity- Electric Air Mattress Portable Pump for Inflatables

Etekcity Electric Air Pump Air Mattress Portable Pump for Inflatables Couch, Pool Floats,...
  • HIGH-QUALITY PERFORMANCE: The electric air pump designs with Quick-fill and High Pressure, enable to deflate and inflate efficiently with rated power 130W and 0. 55 PSI (3800 Pa), higher than most hand pumps on the market
  • INTERLOCKING NOZZLES: The air pump with extra long AC power cord length 1.6M/5.3ft and 3 different sizes of nozzles --S (0.28''), M (0.68''), L (0.71'')--can fit most inflatables you need; the portable pump's nozzles stay lock-secured without losing air
  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT: The air pump is convenient to pack and transport in a small size 4. 7 x 3. 7 x 4. 5 inches, even kids can easily use it

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A good air pump should not lose any air to ensure fast inflation and deflation. Etekcity Electric Air Mattress Portable Pump comes with tight nozzles that stay lock-secured. It prevents losing air and thus delivers higher efficiency.

You will get three universal nozzles that make the pump suitable for various applications including pool toys, airbeds, and others. With its 130W rated power and 3800 Pa or 0. 55 PSI, it is also capable of handling many high-pressure inflatables.

Along with inflation, it can deflate your inflatables faster than others can. You can consider this as the best air pump for air mattresses for its high inflation and deflation capacity. The ABS construction handles tough conditions and ensures longevity.

This high power pump features a 1.6M/5.3ft long AC power cord length. It delivers a good reach to use for versatile purposes. Carrying and storing the pump is easier as well due to its convenient small size of 4. 7 x 3. 7 x 4. 5 inches. It fits perfectly in your palm. Even kids can comfortably use it.

Noise is another common problem for compressors or pumps. But this one features a balanced wheel design with high-quality metal impellers. It reduces noise during operation for last-minute mattress set-up.

  • Less noise during operation
  • No air loss for higher efficiency
  • Compact and durable
  • Suitable for versatile operations
  • Not suitable for balloons or tires

6. Etekcity EAP1- Air Pump for Inflatables

Etekcity Electric Air Pump Rechargeable Portable Air Mattress Pump Cordless Quick-Fill...
  • NOZZLE SIZES: S (0. 27"), M (0. 35"), L (0. 69") nozzle sizes on the included attachment grant you versatility and offer various uses. The compact rechargeable electric air pump both inflates and deflates a variety of things in a quick amount of time.
  • RECHARGEABLE AND CORDLESS: 100-240V AC AND 12V DC Adapter included, AC power cord length 1.6M/5.3ft and DC is 14.M/4.6ft. It can be charged at home in a wall outlet, also it can be charged outdoors using a DC cigarette plug.
  • RELIABLE AND QUIET: NI-MH batteries in rechargeable pump create less pollution and offer higher performance and longer battery lives in comparison to competitors’ pumps as well as reduces its noise in operation.

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Despite the long cord, it is not always possible to find a power outlet, especially when you use the pump outdoors. In that case, a rechargeable air pump can work best. Etekcity EAP1-RC Rechargeable Electric Air Pump comes to solve the problem.

It features NI-MH rechargeable batteries that can inflate your outdoor inflatables without any electric outlet. This pump also creates less pollution yet delivers higher performance with a long-lasting charge. It also reduces noise to ensure a soothing experience.

When it is time to recharge, you can use either a car DC cigarette plug or a home outlet. With its 1.6M/5.3ft as well as DC is 14.M/4.6ft, you can smoothly charge it. Besides, it features 3 nozzles with sizes. You can achieve versatility and various uses.

To make it even more compatible for outdoor use, this one comes in a compact size. Its travel-friendly dimension takes less space in your bag. Apart from that, it can both inflate and deflate a variety of things to save your time.

The Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene construction can easily handle tough conditions and prolongs its durability. You can use this pump for a long time to inflate the mattress/airbed, boat, raft, pool, and others smoothly.

  • Powerful batteries for outdoor use
  • Long charging cable for better rich
  • Noise reduction for a soothing experience
  • Compact size for easy portability
  • Inflate and deflate various inflatables
  • Cannot use it for a long time due to overheating

7. Dr. Meter- Electric Air Pump for Mattress

Electric Air Pump for Mattress: Rechargeable 4000mAh Battery Air Pump - Dr.meter Portable...
  • ★【Cordless & Rechargeable】Cordless is the name of the game. The Dr.meter air pump uses a powerful built-in 4000mAh lithium battery for instant inflation! A built-in USB port allows for easy charging at home or in the car. It'll be ready to go whenever and wherever.
  • ★【3 Nozzle Sizes】One size doesn't always fit all. Three different nozzles (S-0.28in, M-0.35in, L-0.57in) guarantee the perfect fit for a variety of inflatables. It doesn't matter if it's big, tall, wide, or small-if it has a valve it can be inflated.
  • ★【Inflate in a Flash】The small-but-mighty motor maximizes airflow for speedy, effortless inflation. Done for the day? The Dr.meter air pump will deflate your items just as quickly.

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Electric Air Pump from Dr.meter is another excellent option if you want something good for outdoor use. It comes with a powerful built-in 4000mAh lithium battery for a long-lasting service. You can inflate anything such as kayaks, boats, or toys quickly.

But you cannot use a single nozzle for all types of inflatables. That is why this air pump comes with three nozzles of different sizes. You can use these nozzles for versatile operations.

A small yet powerful motor delivers higher airflow for speedy and effortless inflation. Once you are done for the day, you can use the pump to deflate inflatables. After inflation, you can use a built-in USB port to charge the pump at home or in the car.

The 0.68 Pound weight makes it easy to carry. You can also store it in your backpack without increasing the weight. Its ultra-compact design allows you to pack without the bulk.

Like any other good air pump, it produces noises less than 85dB. You can enjoy a soothing inflating experience. To conclude, if you are after the best electric pump for an inflatable kayak, consider this Electric Air Pump from Dr.meter.

  • High-power battery backup
  • Powerful motor for fast inflation and deflation
  • Different nozzles for versatile operation
  • Lightweight and compact design for portability
  • Less noise for soothing operation
  • No hoses, only nozzles

8. Sweet Alice- Two Way Universal Inflator Electric Pump for Inflatables Pool

Electric Air Pump, 110V AC/12V DC Portable Air Mattress Pump Two-Way Universal Inflator...
  • 【POWERFUL ELECTRIC AIR PUMP】Quick-fill and High Pressure Design of this portable electric air pump for faster and efficient inflatable experience; Is a powerful inflator and deflator, and handles any work that is difficult for manual air pump.
  • 【2 IN 1 POWER ADAPTOR】Comes with a 100-240V AC power adaptor and a 12V DC car power adaptor. Our air pumps are so powerful! Not only ideal for home use, but also perfect for outdoor activities.
  • 【3 DIFFERENT NOZZLES】The air mattress pump with 3 sizes of nozzles can fit most inflatable,such as air mattress, sofa, inflatable rafts, airbeds, boat, pool toys, swimming rings etc. (Do not for balloons, basketball, tires.)

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Electric SUP Air Pump from Sweet Alice offers superior performance to inflate and deflate your inflatables. Comes with a maneuverable 3.3ft long flexible air hose, this air pump provides a better rich to inflate your boat in no time.

The best air pump for an inflatable boat should offer high pressure. This air pump comes with a fast and high-Pressure Design so you can get a faster and more efficient inflatable experience. With its 12V DC car power adapter and 100-240V AC power adapter, you can use it at home and outdoors smoothly.

You will also have 3 sizes of nozzles. It helps you use the air pump in most inflatables including air mattresses, sofas, rafts, boats, pools, and others.

Besides, it produces less noise. You can inflate without producing much noise and disturbing others. It is not a wise decision to disturb others when enjoying the outdoors.

Taking the pump with you is easier with its travel-friendly design. You will also have a carrying bag that makes the carrying more comfortable. With its compact and lightweight design, it fits perfectly in the palm and makes inflation easier than ever.

  • Quick inflation and deflation
  • Long hose for better rich
  • Less noise for a soothing experience
  • Multiple nozzles for versatile operation
  • Overheat quickly

9. Electric SUP Air Pump Compressor

SereneLife 16PSI High Pressure SUP Air Pump - Intelligent Dual Stage Inflation & Auto-Off...
  • EXCLUSIVE COOLING SYSTEM – SereneLife is the only SUP electric air pump with a exclusive active cooling system up to 16PSI FOR 4 BOARDS IN A ROW - Enjoy a unique designed paddle board pump with fast, high pressure inflation and consistent cooling system - Made to Share!
  • FAST & POWERFUL DUAL STAGE & AUTO OFF FOR EASY INFLATION - Automatic dual stage pump: 1st stage for MAXIMUM SPEED at 350L/min and 2nd stage for MAXIMUM PRESSURE at 70L/min. The AUTO-OFF FUNCTION turns the pump off when target pressure is reached when inflating. When packing up the deflation function will MAKE DEFLATING QUICK & EASY.
  • 12V DC CAR CONNECTOR & Extra 5 UNIVERSAL NOZZLES ATTACHMENTS - Connects to your car's 12V DC connector. Features a 12A fuse for increased safety. Comes with full set of nozzles to fit most high pressure inflatables including C7 & H3 valve. The ISUP pump can inflate inflatable stand-up paddle board, yoga ball, inflatable boats/kayaks, air mattress, pool float, inflatable sofa, inflatable tent, etc.

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A powerful yet portable air pump is required for SUP, Boat, and Pool Inflatables. You cannot get the efficiency and quick-inflating capacity from a small, low-powered air pump. Serenelife Electric Air Pump offers you exactly that feature.

It comes with 16-PSI output pressure to inflate anything faster. But the best electric pump for an inflatable paddle board should have adjustable pressure for versatile operation. This pump has 0-16 PSI up to 1.10 Bar adjustable PSI to set the target and prevent overinflation.

Without a hose, it is a hassle to inflate with nozzles. A long 3.3ft flexible air hose is there to inflate and deflate your stand-up paddleboard easily. A high-pressure valve helps to handle high airflow as well.

Besides, you might not have a power outlet nearby to inflate the boat, SUP, or pool. This air pump comes with a built-in 12V LI-ION, 6000mAh rechargeable battery. You can enjoy a long-lasting charge with a single charge. You can also charge the pump at home or in the car.

You can deflate the inflatables with this pump as well. A digital LCD screen design with a touch-button control panel makes the operation easy. You will also have an LED flashlight to know the status. Its space-saving design and easy detaching make it perfect for carrying too.

  • Easy assemble and disassemble
  • Adjustable pressure with preset to avoid over inflation
  • Long-lasting battery backup
  • LCD screen with a flashlight for more convenient
  • Need assembling for use

Buying Guide for the quality inflatable air pump

Even after having a list of some good pumps, you might not be able to pick the most suitable one for your needs. Let’s see what parameters you should consider.


The first thing you need to consider is compatibility. An air pump for tires and a pump for pool toys might not be the same. Similarly, there will be differences between indoor and outdoor air pumps. Consider your needs and see whether the pump is compatible with your needs or not.


The airflow pressure of the pump should be enough to inflate your inflatable. For tires, balloons, or large inflatables, you need more airflow. On the flip side, you can go with lower airflow output for small or low-pressure pumps.

Power source

If you want to use the pump in your house or car, a non-rechargeable corded pump will be good enough. On the other hand, you should pick a battery-powered inflatable pump for outdoor use.


For outdoor use, portability is another main factor you should consider. The pump should be compact so it can take less space in your bag. Also, it has to be lightweight so it does not increase your bag weight too much.


You are not going to use the pump for one day. Also, you may need to move it from one place to another. If your pump is not durable enough, it is not going to last long.

Other key features

Consider other important features for more convenience. For example, you should look for an LCD screen to monitor the performance. A hose will work better than nozzles. Try to have a pressure preset and adjustable pressure output for better control.


You do not want to disturb others while inflating your inflatables. Here comes the noise part of a pump. The pump should not make much noise. Otherwise, you may disturb others while inflating your inflatables outdoors.

Inflation and deflation

Finally, consider the inflation as well as deflation features. Deflation is a hassle like inflation. You want to make it fast to save your time and effort. A good pump should have both inflation and deflation features for the best convenience and comfort.


Have more questions about the inflatable air pump? Let’s check these questions below.

What is the best pump for inflatables?

The best pump for inflatables should be powerful enough to inflate and deflate various inflatables. It should come with multiple nozzles for versatile operation. The noise should be less so it does not disturb others. It has to be lightweight and easy to carry.

What pump is best for an inflatable kayak?

The best inflatable pump for a kayak should provide more air output to inflate the kayak than others do. It should also have a powerful motor to inflate and deflate the kayak. Since you need to carry it, the pump has to be lightweight and battery-powered. Noise is another factor to consider.
Dr. Meter Air Mattress Pump is exactly those features. It comes with a powerful built-in 4000mAh lithium battery and three nozzles of different sizes. You will also have a small yet powerful motor for higher airflow to speedy inflation and deflation. 0.68 Pounds weight and less than 85dB of noise make it even compatible with a kayak.

What should I look for when buying a portable air pump?

You should look for the weight, design, and size of the air pump when you are looking for a portable air pump. At the same time, consider looking for the air pressure output to make it compatible with your inflatable. You should also care about the noise, nozzles, and battery backup.

How do you pump air into an inflatable pool?

Match the nozzle of the pump and attach it to the pump or hose. Then simply attach the nozzle to the inflatable and start the pump. When you see enough air is injected, simply stop the pump and detach the nozzle. You are done.

How do you keep an air mattress from deflating at night?

You should not overinflate the mattress, as it will create pressure to deflate at night. Make sure you deflate the mattress when not in use.
At the same time, make sure you do not use it immediately. Temperature can play a vital role to deflate your mattress as well. If the temperature is cold enough, it will condense the air inside the mattress and deflate your mattress.

How do you use an electric air mattress pump?

Using an electric air mattress pump is not different from any traditional manual pump. Pick a good air pump and set the nozzle. Then attach the nozzle to the mattress. You should set the desired PSI before starting the pump. Make sure to preset the output.
Then start the pump and wait until the mattress gets pumped up. This pump will automatically shut off after the preset time is completed. If you use other electric pumps, make sure you turn them off when the mattress is full of air. Otherwise, it may overinflate or even burst out.

Final Words

The best inflatable air pump can change your experience of using a pump. We have reviewed some top-class pumps with their features, pros, and cons to make your decision-making easier.

Hopefully, you’ve already found your desired one and wish you a happy inflates journey.

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