How to Choose Best Rake for Acorns!

Mother Nature always teaches us about beauty and self-preservation. But it does not teach us how to preserve our lawn from raining acorns. If your lawn has an oak tree that showers acorns at a particular season each year, you know what we mean. These little fruits of the majestic tree can be really painful to rake up.

There are hundreds of reasons why you should remove them from the premises. However, it could get tiresome to do so with a regular rakeTo avoid such unpleasant inconvenience from your garden, you are going to need the best rake for acorns to clean the area.

We have enlisted some comprehensive information regarding the subject to make your work easier. Let us have a peek!

What Is the Fastest Way to Pick Up Acorns?

As great as the acorns might look all over your yard, they can be pretty messy. Having to pick those up with hands could be a frustrating and mind-numbing task.

So, instead,many come to terms with nut gatherers. A lot of people are unaware of such a tool that can pick up small objects like acorns, nuts, buckeyes, and more. It is super easy and fast to use. You will have the area cleared of acorns in less than a quarter of the time it takes when picking by hands.

Sometimes a lawn sweeper or a leaf vacuum could accomplish the job faster, but many might not own them.

What Is the Best Way to Remove Acorns from the Lawn?

If you ask how to pick up acorns the best and affordable way, we might suggest using hands. However, it is not sufficient and nearly impossible if the lawn area is bigger.

Therefore, if you could get your hands on a lawn sweeper or leaf vacuum, then all the messes get swept under the machine.An acorn gatherer or picker works most effectively if you are not interested in fancy or expensive equipment.

The best way to remove acorns is to get them out before they strike the ground.This could be possible in early fall by putting net or tarp around the trees.


Should I Rake Up Acorns?

Acorns should be taken out before they sprout. You do not want hundreds and thousands of acorns popping up on your lawn and having to deal with them. Also, you need to remove the acorns to avoid unwanted seedling to consume the grass nutrients. Elimination of these little objects would mean a healthier lawn.

If you or your children love walking in the yard barefooted, stepping on them could be painful. Acorn bits ejected from the mower could even cause injury. It may be cost-effective to remove acorns by using typical rakes, but it is not a sufficient tool for a larger area with several oak trees.

What Can I Do with Fallen Acorns?

Make sure to wait till all your oak trees have dropped most acorns if you own more than one. Collect them using the appropriate tool. You can later gather them in garbage bags. Remember not to overfill to the top because waste collectors will accept only small amount of acorns for disposal.

Nevertheless, if you wish to see these acorns grow and thrive, you can always leave some of them in the local gardens or parks. You can even have piles of acorns placed in several areas of dense woods. Who would be most grateful for such meals if not the squirrels and such during winter?

Top-3 Best Rake for Acorns

Top Picks

Easy to use
Covers large area quickly

Most Popular

Time Savior
Great for versatile objects
Comfortable Grip

Best Value

Flexible spring-steel cage
smooth rolling action
long area coverage


Using a good quality rakes can be the best way to pick up acorns from fawn. And we have found some acorn pickers/gatherer for you to choose from. This buying guide offers brief yet helpful information that will let you decide quickly.

1. Large Nut Wizard- Best Nut Picker Upper Tool:


The picker comes with a two-piece structure of a handle and a basket of spring wires. While the pole is about 4-feet in length, the basket is 10-inch that fits 1.25-inch to 4-inch sized fruits and nuts.

How to Use It?

Trap the objects on the ground by just rolling the tool over them. Spread the mesh wire cage to empty the contents after it fills up.


It is a versatile tool that has sturdy components. The wooden pole gets attached to the high-quality wire basket competently.


All you have to do is put together the cage on the frame, and then screw it to the pole. You can easily leave it in the tool shed after using it. No other reassembling is required.

Why Consider This Product?

Nut Wizard is very easy to roll back and forth. You don’t need to bend to dispose of the nuts and fruits. The wire dumper included ensures quicker content release.


As the wire mesh is larger, small-sized nuts cannot be picked up with this tool. Unless a different sized Nut Wizard is chosen.

  • Sturdy build
  • Easy to use
  • Low-maintenance
  • Very handy for elderly and garden enthusiasts
  • Covers large area within an hour
  • Smaller acorns might not get picked

2. Garden Weasel Medium Nut Gatherer: (Best Pick Up Pecans)


This item includes a long steel welded pole with an ergonomic plastic handle. The roller basket is made with heat-tempered wires. It holds the capacity to gather in large numbers.

How to Use It?

All you have to do is roll over the surface in back and forth motion. Once the cage reaches its capacity, manually spread the tines to empty it.


The pole is constructed from carbon steel that is durable in all weather conditions. This product copes greatly with corrosion, and the basket is quite resilient to any climates.


It is straightforward to assemble after purchase. If you wish to store it in a small space, then you can disassemble the components without any hassle. The hook attached to the tip also offers an alternative storing option.

Why Consider This Product?

This nut gatherer can pick varieties of objects, including acorns of 3/4-inch to 1 1/2-inch in size. You can clear the whole yard faster, and it will not even hurt your back! It saves up a lot of your precious time and effort.


Regardless of how amazing the unit is, it does reach its limit when applied on concrete or rough surfaces.

  • Saves time
  • Cage shape is well-maintained during use
  • Effortless to operate for versatile objects
  • Easy storage facility
  • Comfortable grip
  • Extremely durable construction
  • Does not pick up smaller acorns
  • Hard to work with on rough surfaces

3. Corona LG 3694 Rakes: Best Rakes for Comfort Gel Grip


Quick COLLECTOR has a steel cage that is flexible to spring during acorn removal from the lawn.The device comprises of a Comfort Gel handle and a 48-inch carbon steel pole for comfortable reach.

How to Use It?

It is the simple rolling action with a little pressure on the handle. As you move back and forth in a repetitive manner over the garden, the tool does the job of gathering acorns quickly and easily.


Its carbon steel heavy-duty pole delivers corrosion-free operation for a prolonged time. The flexibility of the spring-steel cage’s action allows it to endure any topography of the soil.


This tool can be stored easily in any corner of the garden shed area without taking up much space. The hole on the handle tip ensures the ease of hanging it to a nail or hook of the wall.

Why Consider This Product?

You can obtain a cushioned grip due to the gel-like material used in the handle. Spring-steel cage collects and empties acorns and other similar objects very effectively. The Quick COLLECTOR reduces laborious maintenance of your property with ease.


Unfortunately, spreading the tines too often could lead to the permanent spreading of wires. We suggest taking this step only after the basket is almost filled.

  • Heavy-duty handle for long reach
  • Extremely comfortable grip
  • Reduces time and effort
  • Collects acorns, nuts, and seed pods effectively
  • Provides very smooth rolling action
  • Empties the contents in a matter of seconds
  • Tines could permanently spread

4. 18 Inch Bag A Nut Reviews: Best Pecan Harvester


The Bag-A-Nut includes tines in multiple wheels to capture acorns and every small obstacle in the lawn. A large removable basket is attached to wheels for collecting contents.

How to Use It?

It is the best machine to pick up acorns because all you have to do is run it down over the lawn like a mower in a steady motion. The device can pick up smaller nuts, pecans, acorns, etc. and clears up the area swiftly during harvest season.


Bag-A-Nut Harvester boasts a very sturdy design that can last a very long time. It is made from tough material to withstand rough weather conditions and rust on several types of terrain.


This Harvester is assembled in advance from the factory. It takes very little time to dry the parts after cleaning as the roller is made of plastic components.

Why Consider This Product?

The device makes mass production of nut picking more fun as it causes no knee or backache. You can clean the lawn in a short period.

Furthermore, the handles with ergonomic pads ensure the uncomplicated handling of the machine.


The machine, however, does not come with a dumper. And this may fall behind you in race of choosing other racks in markets.

  • Rubber pads ensure a comfortable grip
  • Wheel and basket are made with heavy-duty materials
  • Can be used to pick up golf balls as well
  • Collects mass amount within a short time
  • Dumper tool is not included

5. Garden Weasel Large Nut Gatherer: Best Tool for Picking up Walnuts


The large Garden Weasel offers the simplest features of a pole and rubber handle. This gatherer picks up objects of 1 ½” to 3” in a basket designed with mesh tines.

How to Use It?

It is manually handled by rolling it in back and forth action. Once the basket is at full capacity, spread the wires apart using a dumper over a bucket, and then shake to dislodge the objects.


The heat-tempered wire cage is strong and flexible enough to collect large acorns, small fruits, etc. effortlessly. Its handle is pretty tough to carry out rolling motion faster.


Garden Weasel is very lightweight that allows a substantial amount of content to gather. It has been designed to make sure less space is needed to store when not in use.

Why Consider This Product?

The item offers consistent performance while raking the garden lot. It functions perfectly on any level of grounds. The product is highly durable that serves for an extended period.


While it is a must-have tool for all seed harvesting tree owners, the device has a hard time collecting smaller acorns, nuts, and pine cones that are half-eaten by rodents.

  • Weather-resistant construction
  • Minimum 1 ½ gallon capacity of gathering
  • The wire cage is flexible and sturdy
  • Includes comfortable handle grip
  • It is unable to collect smaller nut-like objects

6. Medium Nut Wizard: Best Picking Tool for English Walnuts


Nut Wizard gatherer collects large acorns and such items from 3/4-inch to 4-inch diameter in size. The wooden handle is about 4 feet. A wire dumper is included for easy emptying.

How to Use It?

All you have to do is spin the roller on the objects with a little backtracking. Attach the dumper to a 5-gallon bucket. Finally, place the basket on the dumper and then turn in order to remove the items.


The wooden pole comes witha high-quality and robust structure alongside a spring wire cage. Also, the cage tines are made with hardened steel that can flex when operated. This is why the product prevents corrosion and other damages for it to last longer.


You can simply detach the pole from the basket in a single twisted method. The parts, therefore, do not take much space wherever you keep them. A quick twist and screwing motion allow the parts to reattach effortlessly.

Why Consider This Product?

Anybody can use the tool without additional force. The Wizard is very lightweight to handle.

It is resistant to weather and corrosion. The device saves time, energy, and your back while providing topmost performance.


The tool could face difficulties in bumpy and uneven lawns in collecting acorns unless the rolling pattern is changed.

  • Weather-resistant
  • Suitable for all age
  • Does not cause back or knee ache
  • Includes a wire dumper
  • Not suitable on a concrete ground

What to Look for Before Buying?

Below are some main features you should look for before deciding on product selection.


The raking basket attached to the pole can come in several sizes. It can resolve the issue of acorn removal effectively by picking them up far quicker.

Therefore, you need to consider the quality of the basket as you look further in the details. The baskets have the structure of wire mesh in order to gather acorns but prevent them from letting out.

Usually, a larger basket works magic when gathering in large capacity. Stainless steel material works better than copper when rolling against the wind.

Pole Strength:

The strength of the pole can vary according to the pressure applied by different users. The material type does not matter as long as the pole is built well and sturdy.

As a consequence, avoid inferior metal piece handles that are prone to rust. Also, low quality plastic handles could accidentally bend when the collecting basket fills up.

Look for a heavy-duty pole of wooden or other corrosion-resistant metals that can resist the force of back and forth movements. You need to keep weather effects in mind as well. Aluminum and plastic poles are certain examples. Always consider the density and length of the pole before purchasing.

Comfort and Convenience:

Merely buying the acorn rake does not meet all the requirements. One needs to make certain the tool is well supported by the user when utilizing it.

Some may find adjustable handles to be a lifesaver since odd positioned rolling basket could lead to muscle and joint aches. Extendable handles can reach the range that regular poles fail to attain.

Next, the upper tip should be covered with ergonomic material regardless of the model of the pole. Raking acorns is an outdoor job; thus, the tool at times could get slippery to handle. A non-slip handle can avoid slipping and provide comfortable grips even when your hands are wet.

What Fits Your Requirements:

The first thing you should consider is the capacity of the basket. Next, you should know the types of fruits or nuts you are willing to gather.

Normally, large roller baskets can take in one and a half inches to four inches of nuts, while medium baskets pick one and quarter to three inches size of nuts. The small gatherer, which is ideal for picking acorn, has the capacity to capture three-quarter inches.

You should obtain whichever of these sizes is suitable for the benefit of the lawn, all the while keeping tabs on the quality value.

What Are Benefits of Acorns Removal?

The inevitable fall of acorns will only cease when the season turns. But using the acorn picker, removing them becomes a steady and easy task.

However, what do you gain after removing them? You can have a view of the spectacular sparkling clean lawn. The children and others can walk without any worry of getting hurt.

Mowing the grass will no longer feel like a terribly bumpy ride. Additionally, the acorns will not be thrown out by the machine cut in chips and bits, which is risky if there are children nearby.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will Acorns hurt my lawn?

Technically, yes. No matter how great a sight and meal acorns are to the friendly animals, they might not be so kind to the grass on the lawn.

If a large number of acorns are left unattended for an extended period in the same place, your lawn could develop a ‘bald spot’ in several areas.

Plus, abundant acorns attract rodents and other similar animals that love to dig up holes all over the yard creating unpleasant situations.

On what surface does an acorn rake work best?

In most circumstances, they work great in the grass with soil, fine gravel, and leaves. Acorn rakes are quite tricky and challenging to acquire a grip on flat hard surfaces such as concrete.

What else can I do with the picker apart from acorn gathering?

It can practically gather any small nut-like fruits in its basket. Nevertheless, different pickers have different sized nets to collect smaller to larger fruits like apples, lemons, oranges, and more.

Are acorn gatherers with plastic rollers useful?

They might not be as efficient as other materials used to make the tool. Plastic tends to lack the solid strength of metal rods. So, other than adding aesthetic beauty, the plastic components do not really have much appeal to quality.

Who can use the rake for acorns?

An acorn rake can be used by any individual of any age and gender. The design ensures easy-maneuver ability and control ability for anybody who wishes to work with it as an activity.

Final Words

Finally, our review guide has simplified the issues you would have to handle while making decisions. Let us hope that you receive the optimum satisfaction with the best rake for acorns in the long run.

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