Why Air Compressor Slow to Build Pressure?

(Last Updated On: July 26, 2022)

Is your air compressor slow in building up pressure? or do you want to learn how to fix an air compressor that is slow to build up pressure? If yes, this article is ideal for you.

We have featured for you the reasons why air compressors consume a lot of time when filling up the pressure and the arguments behind the air compressor not biding up the pressure. The main reason mostly is usually the pump and leaks. Stick with me to the end of this write-up to find out more and how you can deal with these problems.

Why Does My Air Compressor Take so Long to Fill Up?

Occasionally, the air compressor is slow to build pressure because it has a problem with the seal, damaged gasket or the valve for pressure intake is faulty. As a result of all these issues, the air compressor tends to fail after a few cycles of use thus, depicting a portable electric air compressor that is toiling to fill.

Furthermore, the air compressor may be slow to build pressure because of the issues with the pump and the leaks in the compressor. These issues are well discussed below:


The air compressor may fail to build enough pressure if there is a problem with the pump. These problems include:

Improper Connections of the Pump to the Intake Valve

The intake valve is very essential in the air compressor for home garage brands, since, it permits the air to go inside the pump and prevents air from coming out in a reversed way. However, if the valve is not sealed well with the pump, the air will ultimately leak. Consequently, the pump will not supply enough pressure if it lacks adequate air. Issues with the Piston Rings of the Pump.

The pump of the air compressor comprises the piston inside it. Inside the piston, there are piston rings that help in obstructing air leakage from the area where the piston is located. Nonetheless, if the piston ring has issues, the air will escape from the pump. For that reason, the pump is impossible to create enough pressure.

Gaskets Problem

A variety of pumps come with a diverse number of gaskets: one, two and others have many gaskets. Nevertheless, you ought to understand this to know more about the gaskets. The pump inside part is made up of two parts: the part that maintains low-pressure air that enters into the pump through the valve intake and the other part that stores air with high pressure that enters the tank from the pump.

The gasket helps in separating the air that has high pressure and the one that has low pressure in the pump. Whenever there is a problem with the gasket, the air with different pressure cannot be separated. As a result, the air with high pressure will not be able to enter inside the tank, thus the compressor will not create enough pressure.


Leakages are the other main issue that causes the air compressor motor not to generate adequate pressure. This is because of the following reasons:

Pressure Switch leakage

The pressure switch is a very critical part because it permits a compressor to maintain a certain level of pressure. The switch aids in turning off the compressor when the pressure range is at cut-out pressure. More so, it helps in turning the compressor on when the pressure gets to cut-in pressure.

Besides, if there is a leakage of pressure in the switch, the cut-out pressure level will not be possible to reach and, it will take a lot of time to reach the cut-out pressure range. As a result, you will need to switch the compressor on for a long time to obtain enough pressure which is a very tedious exercise.

Tank Leaks

A major tank leak prevents sufficient air supply inside the air compressor tank which is essential for building up pressure. The main reasons that cause the tank leak are old tankage, materials used in making the tank are of poor quality and poor connection of the hose to the tank.

Check Valve leaks

The check valve helps in permitting the air to go out at a certain level of pressure and curb the air from coming back in. Nevertheless, the check valve leaks when the disc of the check valve gets cracked and causes the air to escape through the check valve.

How to Fix an Air Compressor Slow to Build Pressure?

In case you are wondering how to fix the air compressor that is slow to build pressure, we have got you covered. You need to follow the following steps to fix your air compressor

Ensure the Valve are Functioning Well

Check whether the check valve and intake valve are not damaged. This is because if the valve is impaired, the air will escape, thus affecting the building up of pressure.

Apart from these, you ought to ensure that the valve is well tightened with the pump and the tank. Connections that are loose always cause air to leak thus making the pressure reduce.

Check whether there are leakages in diverse parts of the air compressor and fix them

The air compressor tends to leak if holes exist in any part of the compressor or if there are loose joints. Therefore, you need to check out these problems and fix them so that the optimal pressure can be reached.

You need to clean the filters

Air compressor filters have dirt that can prevent the air from entering or leaving thus affecting pressure. As a result, you need to clean all the filters well to avoid problems with the pressure.

Test the pump to ensure that it does not leak and has no damage

You need to do a quick pump test to ensure that the pump is not leaking by following the below guidelines.

After following the above steps and you find out that the pump has a problem you correct these problems by connecting the intake valve well, alternating the rings of the piston, or by doing gasket replacement if the gasket has problems.

Final Take

The Air compressor is very helpful and beneficial whenever it is functioning well and is able to build up adequate pressure. However, at times it can be hectic and stressful when it fails to build up enough pressure.

Luckily, this write-up is very ideal for you if you are facing any difficulty with your air compressor. Make sure you read the entire article to find out more on how to fix air compressors that are slow to build up pressure.

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