Hyper Tough Lawn Mower Won’t Start (2020 Reviews)

What is a Hyper Tough Lawn Mower?

The hyper tough mower is a great reliable machine that provides you a decent cut whenever you don’t wanna considering it. This powerful machine comes with perfect balance to make your job easy and comfortable. Most of the lawnmower companies make these brands in the USA nowadays and it comes entirely assembled

Though it is running by gas or electric power like others it has the pro features that make this model unique from others. You can easily find these mowers on Amazon and Walmart.

How to Start for The First Time?

Before you start this machine, you have to push the handle into place and you also have to tighten all the nuts as well. Then fill the oil and gas for starting. This process is straight forward to begin your mowers first journey. But sometimes, worse things come too early, it can be a brand new hyper tough lawn mower won’t start, in that case, you should need to figuring-out the exact problem and where it is.

Is it Worth Buying?

Choosing a Hyper Tough lawnmower depends on the condition of our lawn or yard grass size. Additionally, the market available cheap price mowers never get you to sit back in peace if you need quality grass cutting. Meanwhile, an original hyper tough mower does this job and, it can give you a hassle-free mowing life.

If you’ve small to mid-size lawn yards, This type of lawnmower product can be life savor but in large lawn areas, it never gives you much warmth as a zero-turn riding lawnmower can do.

Which One Better Electric or Gas?

Depends on your convenience and the possibility of pick both are good. We say Gas power mower would be the best choice rather than an electric one. The gas mower will last longer and be an easy user-serviceable comparatively electric power lawn mower.

7 Major Cause Why A Lawn Mower Won’t Start!

Don’t take stress if your lawn mower won’t start even it is brand new. Before you correctly check what’s happening with your machine, don’t think about buying a new one or replace it. Sometimes trouble comes from simple things and, it can be fixed quickly or just by touch your hand.

Check the Air Filter and Trigger Plug First

If your lawn mower doesn’t start, you should check the trigger first. It would better if you check out the air filter before checking the trigger plug. An unclean air filter can cause, not to start your mower. When you found the air filter clean, then you can proceed to check the plug. If the trigger plug is wet, it may cause trouble to start the machine. So, you need to clean it carefully with a carburetor cleaner. You can also clean with other necessary solutions. When you complete your cleaning, you have to dry the trigger plug before connect with your machine. 

Now, try again to start your mower. If your mower starts appropriately, then it was the problem that you solve using the above method.

More Details: How to Clean Lawn Mower Carburetor Easily!

Being Clogged in the jet

The jet clogged is another major cause of won’t starting your Hyper Tough. If your jet already has a clog or it will be a clog then the lawnmower may not start. 

The clog can be any dirt that can jam the jet. In this situation, you have to clean the dirty jet. You can use carburetor spray, which is an effective cleaning solution to clean the jet. Once you are cleaning the jet, check the machine by starting it.

Oil Checking- Might be Fuel Not Getting From Carb to Engine

Though this is a ridiculous issue, it can sometimes happen that your lawnmower gets to stop in a little time. In this situation, you need to check the fuel properly. Sometimes old fuel can stop your running machine. So, you need to remove the old fuel and fill it with new oil or gas. When you load the new fuel in your mower it will start again, if it was the cause not running.

Remove the Carburetor Clog

If your carburetor doesn’t need to change, then you should follow this step as well. A clog in the carburetor inlet also might cause not starting the mower machine. If your carburetor inlet is clogged, then the fuel is not able to reach the mower engine. That’s why it is essential to clean the clog of the carburetor.

Checking Spark Plug Firing or Not

Discontinued sparking from the spark plug is another culprit behind the mower not to start. An old or broken plug can not able to producing sparking as new can do. So, you should check it immediately and clean the spark plug. After doing proper cleaning processes if the spark plug still not works, then you should go for replacing it. 

Check the Clutch- It is Broken or not? 

If the lawnmower doesn’t start, it might occur for a damaged clutch. Your machine starter system can be a problem also if you can change it on your own, which remarkable. But sometimes it requires a professional for a better result. 

Problem with Gear

Once you sort out the other issues with your lawn mower, it still does not work. It might be a problem with the mower gear. If the motor is rotating, but the engine doesn’t work, then you can be sure that it because of the gear problem. We recommend, go for a professional to solve the issue at this stage.

Hyper Tough Lawn Mower Won’t Start- Real Fast Fixing Videos

How do You Start a Lawn Mower After Winter?

Whether you use hyper tough or any other famous brand which are operated by fuel, it may have some issue to get started after a long time no use especially, at the end of the winter season. There might be many problems such as complications with the spark plug, blockage in the fuel line, air filter problem, etc. That we talked already in above. 

Anyways, If you’re going to use your lawnmower after a long time sitting or at the end of the winter season, you definitely need to follow some steps before the start journey.

  1. You need to use fresh gas first because old gas might make trouble to start your lawn mower. You also need to make sure that you fill an adequate amount of gas in the tank.
  2. Do not forget to ensure that the spark plug is appropriately attached to your machine. If it damages, then you may need to replace it.
  3. If you keep your lawn mower for a long time, the air filter can damage or block. Check out if there is any problem, then clean or replace it with a new one. 
  4. Check all cables includes in your machine before starting the lawn mower. The damaged cable might be repaired or replaced to start the engine. 
  5. It is also necessary to check the water in the fuel tank. 
  6. The carburetor might be a clog. So check it to clear the clog. 

At this point, you should learn how to troubleshoot and fix if the Lawnmower won’t start. Regarding troubleshooting of this mower, you should consider knowing this lawn mower parts manual to identify the exact location of problems.

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)

What kind of oil does a hyper tough mower take?

It recommended to use any Synthetic oil for all kinds of lawnmowers. Which is can be SAE 5W-30 grades. For intense, following the hyper tough owner/manual book and its recommended grade would be great for that specific engine and its power. A.K.A Durability.

Can Hyper Tough Products support the side-discharge bag and aerate attachments?

Basically, there is no difference in any other as usual mower vs hyper tough to attaching side discharge bag and dethatch attachments.

Is Hyper Tough Push or Self-propelled?

No matter it is hyper tough Briggs and Stratton or any other engines it is a push mower as well. But if it has self-propelled features it would be easier to ease of use to the consumers.


Usually, you will able to fix the smaller problem which arises with your hyper-tough lawnmower. If you want to maintain your lawnmower properly and keep it in good condition, you need to clean the mower after every use. It is an important role which gives your long machine life. 

We hope, applying all this guide above will be helpful to start your lawnmower. Furthermore, if you have any questions regarding this Hyper Tough Mower startup fixing, feel free to ask. We will happily help you.

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