How To Grind Concrete With Angle Grinder?

(Last Updated On: September 7, 2022)

It’s usual for power tools to have multiple uses, but an angle grinder’s versatility is truly incredible. You can use them for sharpening, polishing, sanding, cutting metal and, handling different projects, even grinding concrete!

Smoothing rough concrete with an angle grinder is easier and more manageable than you think. All you need to do is prepare the surface, select the best blades for the task and start grinding!

In this article, we bring you all the details you need to know on how to grind concrete with angle grinder. So, keep reading!

Instructions On How To Grind Concrete With Angle Grinder

Here’s a detailed description of how to grind concrete with an angle grinder:

What You’ll Need

You’ll need the following tools while grinding concrete:

  • Angle grinder
  • Sandpaper
  • Diamond Polisher
  • Wet or dry vacuum
  • Face mask
  • Knee pads
  • Hearing protection
  • Safety goggles
  • Surface grinding dust shroud

Safety Precautions to Take

Keep the following things in mind to avoid any mishaps or accidents:

  1. Wear proper safety equipment e.g- gloves, mask, and goggles
  2. Hold the grinder at a safe distance of 5-6 inches from your face
  3. Make slow and smooth circular motions while grinding
  4. Turn the power off for a few seconds when heat builds up

How To Cut Concrete With Angle Grinder

How To Cut Concrete With Angle Grinder

Follow these steps to cut your concrete surface using a grinder.

  • Step 1: Wearing Safety Equipments

Before starting, you must wear safety equipment like goggles, masks, and gloves in order to avoid accidents.

  • Step 2: Cleaning the Surface

Thoroughly vacuum the surface that’ll be worked on. Use a pressure washer to clean the surface more effectively. Remove small bumps by rubbing sandpaper over the surface.

  • Step 3: Preparing the Grinder

Place the grinder on a stand to keep it in a firm position. As grinding produces lots of dust and debris, attach the dust shroud to the angle grinder

Before turning the power on, attach the appropriate wheel and diamond polishing pad to your gear.

  • Step 4: Grinding Concrete

Now that the grinder is all set, you’re good to go. 

Start with the edges and slowly work your way towards the interior surface. It’s highly recommended to use circular motions while grinding, as it provides a firm grip as well as enhances efficiency. 

  • Step 5: Final Touches

The dust shroud may frequently obstruct the grinding process by not allowing access to a particular area. To solve this problem, turn off the power and remove the dust shroud. Rerun the grinder through the untouched areas. 

Continue the process until the whole surface is smoothened.

How to Grind Concrete Floor with Angle Grinder

Grinding a concrete floor is similar to grinding any concrete surface, but you have to keep a few things in mind. Follow these steps to grind your concrete floor successfully: 

  1. Clean the floor by mopping or via a vacuum. You may rub the surface with sandpapers to eliminate small bumps.
  2. Divide the floor into sections, so the grinding process is easier.
  3. Prepare the grinder. Put on dust shroud and appropriate wheel food for the task.
  4. Hold the grinder at an angle of 45 degrees with the floor and run it. Pull the grinder towards you in slow and consistent motions. 

Take your time while grinding, don’t rush it. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry.

How To Grind Concrete Edges with Angle Grinder

You should be extra careful while working on the edges. Hold the machine at a safe distance from you. Position the grinder so that it remains slanted while cutting the edges.

Make slow, consistent strokes when cutting the edges. Change the dust cap when enough debris has accumulated. 

FAQs – Community Ask Questions & Answers

What kind of disc do you use to grind concrete?

The most commonly used wheel for grinding concrete is the diamond cup wheel, as it can be used on a variety of materials. Diamond wheels are considered the best fit for the job as they are highly durable. Other discs that can be used for grinding include silicon or ceramic discs. 

How much does it cost to grind a concrete floor?

Hiring a professional to grind your concrete floor may cost you anywhere between $5 to $12 per square foot. The cost may vary depending on the area and the complexities of the task.
If you plan to do the task yourself, the cost will be almost nothing, but keep in mind that grinding floors is an extremely laborious and draining task.

How do you smooth uneven concrete with an angle grinder?

In order to smooth uneven concrete, you’ll need a powerful grinder. Mark the areas that require smoothing. Prime the surface properly before using the grinder. Use high-quality diamond wheels to get the job done quickly. Move the machine in annular motions to get a smooth, even surface.

Can rough concrete be smoothed by an angle grinder?

Yes, in fact, angle grinders are the best equipment for flattening a rough concrete area. Depending on the roughness of the surface, you should choose the suitable gear and blades for the task. 

Should I wet concrete while grinding?

Wetting the concrete surface before grinding is an excellent idea, as wetting softens the concrete, and the layers can be removed easily and more effectively. Even though wetting the concrete isn’t a mandatory step, it does have some advantages, so you can consider doing it. 

Do you need to seal the concrete after grinding?

Sealing the concrete isn’t an absolute necessity. However, sealing ensures a longer lifespan and prevents untimely cracks. It also adds aesthetic value to the finished product.
Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to seal the concrete is yours. You should wait at least 30 days before sealing a surface.


Grinding a concrete floor is a tough task and highly laborious. There are so many ways it can go wrong, so one should acquire the proper guidelines before embarking on the project. Now that you know how to grind concrete with angle grinder, you can confidently carry out the task. Good luck!

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