How to Dethatch a Lawn With a Mower Attachment: A Complete Step by Step Guide to Follow

(Last Updated On: July 31, 2022)

This article is the best place for you to know how to dethatch a lawn with a mower attachment. A lawn is a soil-based area planted with grass and mowed at a shorter size with mowing equipment. Every lawn contains thatch with grass.

Dethatch is a combination of living and dead grass, roots, weeds, etc., which piles up in the yard around the roots of the living grass plants. A small amount of thatch is quite helpful to your lawn, but an excessive amount of lawn thatch creates an issue for the lawn.

Pros and Cons of Dethatching Lawn

Thatch creates a layer about almost half-inch thick, which accumulates around the root of the living grass. It takes a long time to let them eliminate by soil automatically. That may create a problem for your lawn.

After dethatching your lawn, the soil will get enough oxygen, water, fertilizer, and other nutritional elements. It will also let the living grass breathe. Dethatching will improve the outlook of your yard too.  

To dethatch your yard, the first thing you need to do is to lower the grass. Cut these grasses into a shorter size with your mower. When you are dethatching your lawn, you don’t need extra trouble caused by tall grasses. 

Firstly, get a thatching blade, which has to be adjustable to your mower. Nowadays, thatching blades are available in most hardware shops. They are not so expensive. You can get a thatching blade in 15 to 20 bucks. Buy one of them to get a better experience. Arnold Deluxe Universal Detaching Blade is excellent for walk-behind lawn mowers.

What is the Best Time to Dethatch Your Lawn?

Firstly, Keep in your mind- the period isn’t the same for every lawn. It depends on your location, yard soil, season, grass type, and many more.

However, you came here for a solid answer, what is the best time to dethatch lawn and how do you do it easily with mower attachments?

Now come to the point, spring is an ideal season for all to do dethatch and aerate the lawn. Aerating and the dethatching job isn’t much time gap but almost the same.

If you’re planning to plant new yards or overseeding existing lawns, active grass growth time is the best time for dethatching the lawn because it helps the lawn to recover fast more than at other times of the year. In that case, Kentucky bluegrass grasses love to grow in Cool-season and for this, you should dethatch the lawn in spring, late summer spring, and early fall.

But when you have Zoysia, Bermuda, and St. Augustine type grass in your yard, you need to aerate or dethatch in the summer, because this is the best growing time for them. Never dethatching the lawn when your yard is torpid or focused; it can be more harmful rather recovery.

Now question is, how and what attachments do I need to dethatch and make my yard more healthy?

How to Install Dethatching Blade for Lawn Mower? 

As you can’t dethatch your lawn with a regular lawn mower blade, you must change it. So the first thing you’ll do is to remove the old blade. Tilt the lawn mower upside down. Loose the screw under the blade.

Take the thatching blade and unbox it. The thatching blade has two springs for two sides of the blade. Put one side of the spring underneath the holding point, and keep the other side of the spring open. Then attach this blade to your lawn mower. Rewind the removal process of the old screw. Make sure that both springs other end is heading to the ground.

After completing these tasks, you have to adjust the height of the blade from the ground. It’s a matter of consideration because it won’t touch the dead grass or unexpected roots if the dethatching blade is too high from the ground.

Again, if the spring is too low or close to the ground or touching the root of the grass roughly, it will unroot the living grass and may harm the soil of your lawn. So be careful while setting up your new attachment.

Test Your Mower Attachment

It’s essential to test your setup just before you get it to work. You must not want to be in a messed-up situation with your equipment and work. So test it before going to dethatching the lawn. These blades should be a quarter-inch high from your floor while on a block of concrete or some plane base. Recheck the height of the blade. Make the required adjustment if needed. Go to the lawn and start working.

After checking up on everything, your machine is now qualified to do the work.

Start from a corner; drive the dethatching machine in a row or column. Don’t try to dethatch randomly. The more patient you are, the more perfect you can do; the work will get better. 

After unrooting the thatches, you have to collect them in a plastic bag or something manually. There must be a massive amount of thatch. Collect them in a giant plastic box.

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Other Dethatching Ways

If you don’t want to use a mower attachment or dethatching blade, you can use a rake to dethatch the lawn. Indeed it’s a process of time, and you have to work a bit more on this issue. But that is the easiest and the cheapest way to dethatch the yard

You will get so many professionals with advanced equipment. You can rent them or only by a dethatcher. Many companies are manufacturing dethatchers with excellent facilities. Some of them are cheap also. You’ll find them between 100 to 200 dollars. After repeating these processes, apply fertilizer and the seed of grass to your lawn.

Frequently Asked Questions on How To Dethatch A Lawn With a Mower Attachment

How Often Should You Dethatch Your Lawn?

You can dethatch your lawn once a year. You should know when to dethatch your lawn. Just observe the lawn for a while. If the thatch is more than half-inch thick, set up your dethatching tools and get ready to work.

Can I Mow and Dethatch at the same time?

Well, everyone wants to save time and effort. But sometimes it’s better to use some effort. It would be great if you mowed your lawn grasses before dethatching. Otherwise, it will be tough for you to dethatch correctly.

Is it Better to Dethatch or Aerate?

Some people ask which is better for their lawn between dethatching and aerating. They are two different processes. And both are important for your lawn.

Dethatching means removing dead organic materials, like grass, roots, rhizome, etc., from your lawn. This process improves the health of the living grasses and makes the lawn look fresh.

Here aerate means to make an easy way for the natural element (air, water, nutrition) to reach the soil and the grassroots. You can use any prick material. Just make some small whole of a quarter inch so that the air, and water can quickly get through it.

Now you can ask, “Should I aerate or dethatch first?”

For this question, our suggestion is, that dethatching is the first task need to do. Because if you aerate before dethatching, the small wholes will block your dethatching task. But after dethatching, you can aerate your lawn without hesitation.

Do I Need to Overseed After Dethatching?

It’s a good idea to overseed after dethatching. When you dethatch, the soil gets its space back, taken by the thatch. Apply some good quality seeds and take care of these seeds. Thanks for reading this article.

Final Words:

No matter whether you’re a pro or a beginner on your grounds but if you have proper dethatchers tools and materials with awesome ideas what should need to do? You’re welcome, just use your brain and dethatch your lawn with your lawn mower attachments. Don’t overthink about how to dethatch a lawn with a mower attachment. Enjoy a beautiful lawn after some great work over the year.

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