Greenworks 80v Lawn Mower Reviews: In-Depth Review

There are a couple of lawnmowers in the market that has gained a lot of traction within a very short time. The Greenworks 80V lawn mower is one of them. And there is a valid reason for that. 

From brushless motor to longer battery life, and top of everything, cordless functioning, this very model comes with everything that will satisfy the user’s need. 

We have seen a lot of hype regarding this very model and to know the actual story, we have gone through user’s feedback. And to be honest, according to the users, this is one of  great lawnmower indeed.

Besides that, we have checked on other users as well and they are also pretty satisfied with its incredible performance. 

However, we have created an in-depth review of the Greenworks 80V cordless lawn mower where we didn’t leave a single thing about it. Also, Its disadvantage part!

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Let’s begin.

   Key Features at a Glance: Greenworks PRO 21-Inch 80V Cordless Lawn Mower

    • With fully charged battery it can run for 1-hour.
    • Features a brushless motor that offers longer run time.
    • It comes with Smart Cut technology.
    • It offers highly versatile 3 in 1 discharge capability.
    • It comes with a 21-inch steel cutting deck.
    • 80V 2Ah battery takes 30-minutes to get charged.

Detailed Features of Greenworks 80v Pro Lawn Mower

Let’s drive into full and deep our Top-notch Greenworks 80v Lawn Mower Review! And what Greenworks has for you with this Lawn mower. Also, We will find out it’s few advantages with disadvantages indeed.

 Get Smart Cut Technology

 Cutting Technology:

Every manufacturer always tries to come up with the latest technology that will help them to walk ahead of the competitor. And the Greenworks have brought something that has really helped them to stay ahead of the competitor. They have used a smart cut technology with which the mower automatically sets the power depending on the thickness of the grass.

If you have been mowing over thicker grass on full speed, and after a while, you move to thinner grass, the mower speed will get reduced automatically.

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Multi Features: 3 in 1 Grass Discharge

With this lawnmower, you will 3 different forms of grass discharging, you can choose any. There is side discharge where the mower will throw grass from the side of the mower (most popular form). And there is read discharge which helps to collect the grass on the rear bag. And the last one is Mulching. 

Deck Material: Is It Quality Materials?

The wider the deck, the wider area the mower can cover on each pass which means you will be able to mow at a short time. This lawnmower comes with a 21-inch deck which is pretty wide.

And not only that, the deck is made of steel that makes it highly durable as well. Having that said, the steel deck makes the mower a little heavy but heavy mowers are good for bumpy places. 

 Wheels: Grab The Best Wheel Pair With This GreenWorks

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This Greenworks lawn mower comes with a ball bearing wheels. What is the difference between ball bearing wheels and normal wheels? If you have never used a ball bearing wheel lawnmower you will never know the gap of satisfaction. 

Mowing with ball bearing wheels is fun, they move way too smoothly compared to normal wheels. And allow you to mow for a longer period without getting tired. 

Cutting Heights

With this very lawnmower, you will get seven different type blade heights option, so that you can mow your lawn in your way. You can choose any height and switch from one height to another pretty easily. 

Power Supply

It comes with an 80V 4ah battery but if you want you can use 2ah battery as well. This runs on a single battery and the 4ah battery takes 1 hour to get charged fully. Only the other hand, the 2ah takes only 30 minutes. With a fully charged battery, the mower can perform up to 1-hour constantly. The battery features of this lawn are impressive, you get the long run time and shorter charging time.

However, it is recommended to keep two batteries always with electronic mowers. One for the backup. Lastly, you can use these batteries at any Green work lawnmower. 

 Quality Of Grass Cutting

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Mowing Quality:

The main reason for the popularity is an incredible performance. It is a five star rated lawn mower of the market which delivers nice cuts, longer performance, and lifelong service. The steel deck makes mowing way too easier and effective. The blade is also made of steel. Overall an outstanding performer. 

Easy storage: 

If you are stressed about the storage of the mower, then don’t worry. The handle knob can be turned to 90-degrees and the handlebar also can be lowered. For storing this mower, you won’t need much headspace.

However, try to store the machine is a vertical position that will save a lot of space. The entire mower will take the space, medium-sized luggage takes. Folding the handle could be a little daunting at the beginning but with time it will get better. 

Noise: Is It Disturbed For Others?

Compared to other lawn mowers of the market, the Greenworks 80V model is quieter. Your neighbors won’t get irritated, the noise level is pretty low. If the windows and doors are closed, the sound will not get inside. 

Set Up: Setting Up Your Mower For The First Time

There is no complexity in the setup. When you will get the box, you will need to assemble a few stuff. According to the users, they have followed the instruction and everything was written plain and simple. Everyone will be able to do that on their own. 

Warranty: Does GreenWorks Lawn Mower Comes With Warranty?

Though you are not going to need it, still the manufacturer offers a 4-years warranty for this lawnmower. And their customer service is top-notch as well. So you can purchase this lawnmower with no doubt. At least without hesitation of warranty issue. Rest features you know everything about it.

What We Like
  • It comes with a top-notch wider steel deck.
  • Features ball-bearing wheels.
  • Features smart cut technology.
  • Coms with 7 different cutting heights.
  • Low noise level.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Foldable handle.
What We Don't Like
  • Little heavier compared to others.
  • Seems Mulching is bit slow and consume power 

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Overall, the Greenworks 80V lawn mower is a great model undoubtedly. It is loaded with all the needed features and already satisfying a lot of lawn owners. If you still have doubt, just head over to the feedback section, you will realize that. Lastly, if you are in search of a good lawn mower, you won’t go wrong with this one.

Also, don’t forget to share your minds about How is our in-depth Greenworks 80 volt Lawn Mower Reviews in comments? Thanks.

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