Goodyear Air Hose Review- The Top 3 Compared Air Hoses!

If you’ve been considering buying a new air hose for a short time now, in that case, you must read this Goodyear air hose review. Air hoses are ideal for your industries, agriculture, firefighting, and construction purpose. Because this heavy duty air hose includes not only use but also the technique to your role, every crack or outflow might affect an incurable event that possibly will cost you millions of dollars and terrible loss of precious lives. For that reason, it’s necessary to pay out some additional money on the excellent quality of every air hose when you are buying a new model.

The air compressor is more or less useless if you are not using a premium quality air hose. This hose assists you in expressing the air compression to pack the tubing in the tires or else clean dirt from the spars. The Goodyear air hose will protect your job from drips along with security risks of encompassing a tube twisted around the feet while you are working. 

If you read this Goodyear air hose review article, we’ll try to save your time and money by suggesting the best heavy duty air hose that’s fitting for your job and by far available for sale today. Check over the models given below, and we are sure, these models might be useful for you when all’s said and done. If you’re an engineering or construction employee, air hoses are one of your everyday life tools for you undoubtedly.

Goodyear Air Hose Review- A Comparison Table Between 3 Best Goodyear Air Hoses:






Temperature Range


Customer Ratings

Goodyear 12182
Rubber Air Hose

3.61 Pounds

25 feet x 3/8 inch



-40 to 190 °F

8.5 x 8.5 x 3.5 inches

4.5 out of 5 stars

Goodyear 12674
Rubber Air Hose

7 pounds

50 Feet x 3/8 inch




11 x 11 x 4 inches

4.4 out of 5 stars

Goodyear 46511 Yellow 
Rubber Whip Hose

15.2 ounces

3/8 inch x  6 Feet




10 x 10 x 9 inches

4.6 out of 5 stars

Goodyear Rubber Air Hose Review: Model-12182

This air hose is the best model available in the market for you. We all know that Vinyl is not a good quality for the rubber air hose designed for pin guns. The company builds a specially selected hose; Moreover, they do kink irrespective of what the company may perhaps say regarding kinking. It would help if you made straight out the air hose before setting up. You’ll have a reduced amount of kinking troubles all the way throughout the day while you are working. You require to buy end connectors on your own. You might get these items at other shops for a minimal price.

Goodyear Rubber Air Hose Model 12182

You may be capable of dragging it out, and the heavy duty air hose lays flat and then turn round it reverse up with a modest attempt.

This model is not like applying the other inexpensive models that turn into hard as nails in the cold condition and may loosen in the sunny weather.

You can drag it above all sorts of exteriors both inside and outside all the way through the entrances and windows; the hose has no smash up. If you slam it in the entries one or two times and the hose holds up faultlessly.

Once you buy one, you might plan to buy the next model as a present. The single negative aspect we can bring to mind, and that’s may not a disadvantage for you, is that the model is a little weighty than economical hoses found in the market. 

We will recommend this great product. Please do not waste money or time with everything else. This GOODYEAR 12182 rubber air hose is the best model on the market.


Includes lubricate and in the black resistance in the external coating.

The brass is firm with 1/4 inch NPT finish fittings.

Includes Spiral synthetic yarn back up.

The highest functioning pressure is 250 PSI.

The product is made and assembled in the USA.

What We Like:
  • This model is a high-quality hose.
  • Stays bendable under the cold conditions.
  • The connectors of the hose is top quality and firmly fixed
  • Seems a great deal lighter than another brand.
  • The hose still looking good after a long time use.
  • The model is much simpler to grip.
  • It seems very well-made and long-lasting.
  • It sets even and resists whips or bends.
  • It does not harm the wood as by far.
  • The price is reasonable compared to the other brands.
What We Don't Like:
  • The warranty service is not up to the mark.
  • After a few days of over using it, it may blow up.
  • You may experience one or two leaks after setting up the fittings.
  • The rubber catches filthy, and it has lots of kinks as well.
  • This model is heavy to move around.

Goodyear 12674 Rubber Air Hose Red 50-Feet x 3/8-Inch

This 50 ft goodyear air hose red model is the most kink-resistant air hose available in the market. To bend it, you’ve to induce it into a twisted bend. If the air hose is on a roll, that’s the single hose type that may not annoy you. 

Good Year 12674 Rubber Air Hose Red

Most of the people don’t love the plastic hoses because they’re not easy to turn up. Also, in cold weather conditions, they’re terrible to turn up.

This red rubber air hose is exceptionally painless to unfold and turn up in cold or warm weather conditions!

You will love the rubber part that finished powerfully.


There is a problem with the air hose that the hose will get haggard and fixed while it’s pulled down things on the floor. You have to pull it in a great restraint just about the points, so it doesn’t get fixed. 

This model is unquestionably best rubber air hose in our today’s review collection.


Includes lubricate resistant EPDM rubber cover.

The brass is firm with 1/4 inch NPT finish fittings.

Includes Spiral synthetic yarn back up.

The product is made and assembled in the USA.

What We Like:
  • The air hose is straightforward to unfold and roll up in every weather condition.
  • Price is relatively economical compared to the other brands.
  • The rubber of the hose has excellent flexibility.
  • It seems sturdy as much as necessary for your heavy-duty requirements.
  • You can store the hose with no trouble.
  • Perfect product for your garage.
  • Easy to handle and easy to set up.
  • The brass ends are elegant and long-lasting as well.
  • They use good quality folds to the material resistant rubber hose.
  • The product shipping is swift and in good time.
What We Don't Like:
  • Sometimes the Chinese made rubber sucks and did not last for a long time.
  • After a short time use, the air hose increases a ballooning end close to the fitting point.
  • The customer care service is not up to the mark.
  • Some reviewers complain that the air hose performs poorly.
  • This product requires to be recalled for protection issues.


3 FT Goodyear Air Hose

This manufacturer creates good quality rubber whip hoses. The best part of this model is the brass fitting parts don’t reveal air while you link up as it should be, and they’re very well-built and long-lasting.

This manufacturer creates good quality rubber whip hoses. The best part of this model is the brass fitting parts don’t reveal air while you link up as it should be, and they’re very well-built and long-lasting.

If you drop the last part of the rubber hose again and again and there will be no indication of damage that happens on your brass fitting. The hose model is made and assembled in the USA.

You will be comprehensively astonished by the excellent quality, and We visualize this model will last for a long time. We would suggest the rubber hose to everybody.


The brass is firm with 1/4 inch MNPT finish fittings.

Includes Spiral synthetic yarn back up.

The product is made and assembled in the USA.

Includes a scratch-resistant rubber external jacket.

The manufacturer provides a ten-year product guarantee.

What We Like:
  • The model is constructed according to the rules.
  • Price is comparatively economical than the other brands.
  • This model is of premium quality and bendable PVC hose.
  • The Manufacturer includes first-class and good quality brass fittings.
  • This hose whip is rough and deep.
  • The product shipping is swift and in good time.
  • It might hold up fine and last for such a long time.
  • Just right to run comfortably between the water filter and compressor.
  • This model cut off the compressor vibration to decrease noise.
  • Connectors are first-class and come with plastic caps to look after the threads.
What We Don't Like:
  • The customer care service is not up to the mark.
  • Sometimes the hose leak at the fold joint
  • Now and then, the fittings do not take turns with any alleviate.
  • Some reviewers complain that the hose finished with cheap materials.
  • It takes too much time to set up.

How to Choose the Perfect Air Compressor Hose?

Here, in our Goodyear air hose review, we talked few things that you need to know enough and consider while you are going to buy a best quality air hose.

Handiness is Key:

If you have got a damaged tire in the center of a highway, you might insert the air compressor from the enclosed space at the back of your car, hook up your heavy duty air hose, and fill up the flat tire. You’ll be back on your road within one or two minutes.

Change The Spoiled Hose:

If your air hose on the air compressor is wholly damaged out, you must think about the market for spare parts alternate to keep away from standard tours and wasting your money at the fuel station to fill with air the tires.

The Features That You’ll Get In Goodyear Air Hoses: Key Features Of Goodyear Air Hose

Length : (First Things to Look At)

These hoses arrive in a range of different sizes, usually varying from less than fifty feet. The measurement you prefer will rely on the kind of job you aim to complete and the force you require. It would help if you reminded me that the pressure of the air falls with a boost in the air hose measurement. If the air pressure is not a concern and you give anything for free while you are stirring, you might select the extended hose, and you can choose a smaller length hose for pumping up the tires.

Inner Diameter: (Next Thing To take A Look At)

The inner width of your hose decides what amount of air the hose can hold as well as the valve category this hose might fit on. On the other hand, your preference will fundamentally rely on the CFM condition of the air compressor system. Or else, you possibly will face common leaks. The most regular width size of the hoses is up to 0.5 inches. 0.2 inches might go fine with a lower CFM condition, and bigger width is extra well-suited with higher CFM conditions.

Connectors: (Necessary Features)

Air hose has some special connection techniques. There’re fast-release connectors which are perfect for controlling between unique air instruments. Last but not least, there’re corded connectors that are usually complete with rust-resistant gall or else aluminum.

Kink Resistance: (Last Of All)

A Goodyear air hose possibly will twist and shape a spiral that might spoil the hose while rushed air is exceeded into it. For this reason, you require to pick an air hose that is capable of refusing to accept kinking. One of the most twist-resistant substances is rubber, tracked by hybrid. The most terrible element, in this case, is nylon.

Final Words About Goodyear Air Hoses:

Purchasing the Best Goodyear air hose is a long way from an insignificant verdict. A proper Goodyear air hose maintains the gear running with no trouble for a long time. Besides, you would not even require chewing on it. An awful air hose might crack, or voyage you by twisting into a circle, otherwise expand a drip after one or two months. Keep in mind to make use of the essential uniqueness in the buying guide to select a Goodyear air hose which perfects for you. 

If you make slightly proper planning at this moment, it will save your money and time in the future. It may be an excellent thought to have one or two specialized types of air hoses for exceptional cases if you have got a range of gear and everyday jobs at the forefront.

If you have any question regarding this Goodyear air hose review, please comment us below, our expert will assist you as soon as they can.

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