Craftsman 6 Gallon Air Compressor Review- Should You Buy it?

(Last Updated On: August 18, 2022)

Air compressor is the most important tool for home improvement or garage use. Whether you want to run a pneumatic tool or to inflate something, you just need a compressor.

The problem comes when you need to pick a good air compressor. Craftsman is one of those very few brands that offer some quality compressors. Among so many models, Craftsman 6 Gallon Air Compressor sets itself apart from others.

But what are the reasons for this success? What are the good sides and bad sides? What do they offer?

Well, the Craftsman 6 Gallon Air Compressor Review covers them all. It would help if you did not decide when thinking of buying a good compressor without reading proper reviews. So let’s dive into it.

Craftsman 6 Gallon Air Compressor Review

  • 150 Max PSI and 90 average PSI to work with home and garage appliances
  • Quick recovery time to save your time
  • Lightweight and compact design make it easy to move and carry
  • The oil-free design keeps the tool maintenance-free
  • Comes with necessary elements to be compatible with versatile tools
  • Not suitable for heavy use

High-pressure output

The compressor comes with 150 Max PSI and 90 average PSI. You can use the pressure for home or garage use easily. The power is suitable for inflating your tires in the garage.

It even provides ample power to run home improvement tools. You can even use a craftsman 6-gallon air compressor with a nail gun or small pain sprays. 

Quick recovery time

Along with high power, it offers a quick recovery time. You will have 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI which ensures quick recovery. Quick recovery time helps you to use the air multiple times.

After one inflation, you have to wait for less for another inflation. It will save your time and effort when doing a project or using it for commercial purposes like the porter cable 6-gallon air compressor.


The compressor is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. That is the reason it is lightweight and compact. Its 6-gallon capacity helps the user to move and store the compressor easily.

Also, the durable construction handles the pressure of transporting. It can even enable you to work in tough weather conditions.

Zero maintenance

Another great feature of this compressor is zero maintenance. Its oil-free mechanism helps the user to stay out of any maintenance work. If you are a lazy person like us, this one will be an excellent option to pick.

You do not need any oil or grease to apply to run the compressor. The oil-free system also keeps the tools safe. The craftsman air compressor 6-gallon manual has everything in detail.

Compatible with various appliances

The compressor comes with a Slip joint, groove joint, and long nose Pliers. These will help you use the compressor for different pneumatic appliances such as mini sprays, nailers, or inflators.

When a versatile compressor is your concern, it is suitable to fulfill your needs. Also, the craftsman 6-gallon air compressor watts are ideal for your home use.

Buying Guide of this Six Gallon Air Compressor

Despite all the good features and benefits, this one might or might not be a good option to pick. It would help if you considered some factors before making the decision.

Power output

It would help if you considered the power output. Measure the power output you need and compare that with the power output of the compressor.


If you are looking for an outdoor compressor, consider the portability as well. Otherwise, you may not take it outside smoothly. Also, moving and storing will be a hassle.


No one likes to do maintenance on their appliances. Try to have one that works without maintenance. A tool-free, oil-free mechanism will work better in that case.


You need to know the purposes of the compressor. If you plan to use a compressor for heavy-duty commercial use, a 6-gallon compressor might not work. You need something powerful and compatible with heavy-duty appliances.


Noise is another important thing you need to consider. You do not want to have a compressor that makes too much noise and bothers others while operating. Make sure the compressor makes less noise while operating.

Otherwise, you will unintentionally disturb others which will cause an awkward situation. It will also make your working experience worse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions related to this compressor? Then consider looking at these questions below.

Are Craftsman air compressors any good? 

Yes, the craftsman air compressor offers durability, longevity, and high-pressure output. It will also deliver versatility, portability, and reliability.

Is a 6 gallon air compressor good? 

The 6-gallon compressor is suitable for small to medium uses such as nailers, mini sprays, garage uses, and others. It is not good for heavy use.

Who makes the Craftsman 6 gallon pancake air compressor? 

Craftsman 6-gallon pancake compressor is made in the USA and assembled by Global Materials in Jackson,

What is the best 6 gallon air compressor?

The best one varies from person to person. However, the 6-gallon pancake air compressor can be an excellent option pick due to its amazing features.


You should read Craftsman 6 Gallon Air Compressor Review to know the ins and outs of the compressor. It will help you know all the good and bad about the tool. This 6-gallon pancake compressor offers some fantastic features, including high power, durability, and longevity.

You will also get comfort and portability that make it even more suitable for work indoors and outdoors. Its compatibility will help you use the tool for different appliances such as nailers, inflators, and others. To conclude, a few compressors can match the benefits to the benefits this one can offer.

However, make sure you know your needs first and then compare your needs with their benefits. The best one sometimes does not go with the needs. So be smart and pick the most suitable one instead of the best one.

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