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Once the secret behind an attractive looking garden was the skill and hard work of the owner. But now things have changed. 

Now the secret is the tools used in the maintenance. Among all, one important tool that is needed to keep your garden look stunning is the mower. If your mower is good, your garden will look good. 

Today, we are going to get you closer to an incredible mower with this Black and Decker CM2060c Review, that will satisfy all your needs.

Anyways, If you have been into the home improvement tools market for any length of time, you must have heard the name, Black & Decker. This is one of the market-leading brands which are serving the market with top-notch products for quite a long time now. 

From drill to the welder to the lawnmower, this very brand have is reputation everywhere. And now the Black and Decker CM2060c another top-notch creation of this brand. 

We have created an in-depth review of this very lawnmower including all the flaws and benefits. Hopefully, it will be enough to help you decide whether to choose it or not. 

Let’s  see what you get from it, exactly!

Key Features at a Glance:

  • This mower can cover a quarter acre land with a fully charged single battery. 
  • It comes with single-point height adjustment along with six settings.
  • With the purchase, you will get two 60V batteries.
  • It allows you to switch between one to another battery with no interruption. 
  • It features auto-sense technology.
  • This mower starts pretty smoothly.
  • It comes with a convenient folding handle.
  • It features three different disposal options. 

Features: Let’s Drive into in-depth of Black + Decker CM2060 Push Mower Review

Black + Decker CM2060 Push Mower Review


Whatever pick, if you are not comfortable using then that is a big loss. Comfort matters a lot when it comes down to mowing. However, if we talk about the Back Decker CM2060, this would not be comfortable for people under 5 feet 5-inches. Having that said, it is not like they won’t be able to use it. They will but the comfort taller people will get, people under 5.5-inches won’t get that. 

Starting some lawnmower machine is a hassle, and takes time. But with this latest CM2060C, you won’t have to face any kind of trouble. Starting this mower is breeze and safe as well. Even every beginner will be able to do it.

Black+Decker CM2060c 60V Max Power Swap Mower 20

Moreover, Because of it’s low weight, any adult can easily push the mower forward. Even go through an uneven terrain won’t be tough. 

We are not sure, have you noticed, this lawn mower comes with foldable handle. So when you are done with the mowing and about to take the mower back on its place, you can fold the handle which will help you to fit this mower even in shorter head-space. Awesome Huh!

Cutting Quality:

we would never suggest anyone use an electric lawn mower on a wet lawn. But if it comes down to the Black & Decker Cm2060c, then we wouldn’t stop. This very lawnmower would be good even in the wet lawn and you will get surprised by the smooth procedure of the mower on wet grass.

Top-notch cutting quality, even better than some high-end expensive lawnmowers. It comes with single-point platform adjustments that change the heights between 6 configurations. And the transition is pretty fast and smooth. For worry-free clippings, there are three removal options as well. 

When the battery is near to death, some mower doesn’t change the speed and even worse, some don’t even notify. But this Black & Decker notifies and decreases the cutting performance when the battery is low so that you can switch to another battery. 

Oh, did we tell you about a dual battery? No?

This lawnmower comes with two 60V batteries, they come with the purchase. But the most satisfying part is, when one battery is low, you can immediately switch to another one without even stopping the cutting. 

Black and Decker 60V Battery


The Black and Decker CM2060c is one of those lawnmowers that requires minimum maintenance. As mentioned, we have reached to some users who have been using this mower for a long time and so far they are pretty satisfied. You won’t have to spend a handful of cash every year after maintenance. But make sure to do the basic things after every use.

1. Cleaning The Blades

2. Keeping the Entire Lawn Mower Clean

3. Lubricating It Properly

4. Charging The Batteries On Time

5. Do Not Over Use It

6. Not using the mower on a lawn where there could be stones or other hard materials.

Auto Sense Technology:

Your mower needs faster-cutting speed when it is going through thicker and harder grass. Mowing on thicker grass also causes the battery to drain fast. And most of the time it happens, when we do not check the density or thickness of the grass, we just set the mower at higher speed and we roll. 

But the Black and Decker have done something really incredible. They have introduced an auto-sense technology that detects the thickness of the grass and if it senses thinner grass, it automatically decreases the speed. 


Highly durable and reliable mower

It comes with the latest technology

Using the mower is very simple

It doesn’t require much headspace

It can switch into two batteries

It offers clean & smooth cuts


Batteries require a long time to get charged fully

Little more weight would be good for bumpy places

Final Thought: Should You Pick Black And Decker CM2060c Mower?

The long charging time should not be a big issue. You won’t be mowing all they long, keep the batteries on charge when you are not using the mower. And with a single fully charged battery you can mow quarter-acre lawn easily. It’s pretty though!

Get Your Mower Without HACHI !

Must Check Model & Price Before Ordered

Last Word:

In the end of our Black & Decker CM2060C Review we are happily recommended this tools for your Lawn mowing. If it fulfills your requirements. Rest choice is your obvious.

From amazing cut to long-life performance, you will get everything with this very lawnmower. If you think that the flaws won’t impact much, then undoubtedly you can go with this mower. You will be making the best investment. 

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