Best Water Separator for Air Compressor 2022

Nothing can be worse than getting contaminants in your air compressor. Water vapor, Pipe scales, Rust, oil, or solid particles are the main contaminants that grow and damage your compressor and other tools.

Also, these can create hinders to get your job done with a compressor. Water separators are the only solution to these problems.

However, not all water separators can work perfectly. You need the best water separator for air compressor. We have curated some top-rated water separators from different brands.

Each of them is picked for different purposes. Our writings will help you find out the most suitable one for your needs.

Top 3 Pick- Best Air Compressor for Water Separator

Many brands are manufacturing different models with versatile specs and functionality. Getting lost in the water separator market is not uncommon.

To assist you, we have shortlisted these water separators from different brands with higher ratings and customer reviews.

  1. Best Inline Water Filter for Air Compressor- NANPU 3/8″ NPT Compressed Air Filter Regulator
  2. Best Automatic Water Separator for Air CompressorNANPU DFR-04 Double Air Filters
  3. Best Water and Oil Separator for Air LineNeiko 30252A Water and Oil Separator for Air Line

1. NANPU- Inline Water Filter for Air Compressor

NANPU 3/8" NPT Compressed Air Filter Regulator Lubricator Combo Water/Oil Trap Separator - Gauge(0-150 psi), Poly Bowl, Semi-Auto Drain, Bracket - 3...
  • 3/8" NPT Piggyback Filter Regulator Lubricator Unit
  • Operating Pressure: 0-145 PSI
  • 5 Micron Brass Filter Element, Excellent Filtering Performance, Much Longer Life and Reuse Feasibility

To remove solid and liquid particles from the air supply, you need a high-performance inline water filter for air compressor. The NANPU 3/8″ NPT air filter is such a separator that can effectively trap liquid and solid particles. That’s why may called it the best water trap for air compressor tools.

Its 5 Micron Brass Filter Element will deliver a superior filtering experience. Besides, the Semi-Automatic Drain clears the contaminants smoothly when the air supply is off.

With its 145-PSI pressure capacity and 60 SCFM Airflow Rate, it can withstand decent pressure. In addition, the polycarbonate Bowl with Metal Guard provides longevity by smoothly withstanding higher pressure. 

You will have a Self-Relieving Pressure Regulator to adjust the pressure automatically. Moreover, its lubricator delivers oil to the Pneumatic Tool and enhances the lifespan of your expensive tools.

  • Trap solid and liquid particle effectively
  • Ensures automated excreting for less hassle
  • Suitable for high PSI air appliances with higher flow rates
  • Durable bowl for withstanding high pressure
  • Aluminum construction for added durability
  • The plastic fitting might not work well with existing metal fittings

2. NANPU DFR-04- Best Air Compressor with Water Separator

NANPU DFR-04 1/2" NPT Air Drying System - Double Air Filters, Air Pressure Regulator Combo - Semi-Auto Drain, Poly Bowl
  • 1/2" NPT Piggyback Air Filters/Regulator Combo
  • Double 5 Micron Brass Filter Element, Excellent Filtering Performance, Much Longer Life and Reuse Feasibility
  • Max Supply Pressure:145 psi; Operating Pressure: 0-145 psi

NANPU DFR-04 sight glass 1/2″ NPT thread Air Drying System is a heavy-duty model to work with heavy-duty compressors. With a maximum Operating Pressure of 145 psi, it can comfortably handle high pressure. Polycarbonate Bowl with Metal Guard adds more strength to withstand higher power.

Besides, Aluminum construction provides sustainability in this automatic Water Separator for Air compressors. You will also have a built-in bracket that makes the fitting sturdier and tighter. Installation is easy as well. Apart from that, this Compressor Filter Dryer feature a Double 5 Micron Filter element. 

The filter for the air compressor protects the compressor from solid and liquid contaminants. Excreting is extremely comfortable for its semi-Auto Drain. It will excrete automatically when pressure is off. So overall, to remove water contaminants from the compressor, this separator will work fine.

  • Can handle heavy-duty pressure load
  • Durable aluminum construction for longevity
  • Powerful filter to trap maximum contaminants
  • Easy air installation
  • Semi-auto drain for comfortable excreting
  • Information related to installation is limited in the manual

3. Neiko 30252A- Water and Oil Separator for Air Line

NEIKO 30252A Water and Oil Separator for Air Line | 1/4" NPT Inlet and Outlet | 90 PSI | Air Compressor and Air Tool Accessory | Protect Lifespan of...
  • WATER SEPARATOR: An essential air tool accessory for mechanics and craftsmen that stops moisture, water, oil, and particles from entering air spray guns and other air compressor tools to keep your equipment in top performing shape.
  • OIL SEPARATOR: This air filter unit separates the oil from the air as it goes through your air hose the oil needs to stay inside the compressor to keep it lubricated while the compressed air needs to exit the compressor free of oil to ensure maximum air output to your air tools and increase reliability and lifespan.
  • MAXIMIZE PERFORMANCE: The inline oil water separator traps water vapor and dust to maximize the performance of air compressor tools for cleaner and more even jobs providing excellence in execution and saving you countless dollars in replacing expensive air tool equipment.

If your concern is to get the best water separator for air compressors, consider the Neiko 30252A Water and Oil Separator. You will find both 90 PSI and 150 PSI Maximum Air Pressure options to pick according to your needs.

This Air Compressor water Filter is designed to trap and remove water, oil, dust, and particles. Thus it prolongs the lifespan of your air machines. Besides, its aluminum housing and brass fittings fit perfectly and deliver superior performance.

Cleaning the pollutants is easier with its transparent polycarbonate housing. You can see the amount of dirt inside the housing. Also, its Manual Drain system with an easy release valve provides an easy cleaning facility. Moreover, lightweight construction makes it comfortable to install.

  • Suitable for cleaning oil, water vapor, and dust
  • Comes in different pressure compatibility
  • Durable and transparent housing for longevity
  • Manual draining system for easy cleaning
  • Easy installation for its lightweight construction
  • A little bit difficult to dry out

4. Hromee- Best Water Separator for Compressed Air

Hromee 1/4 Inch Air Compressor Filter Regulator Combo, Water Oil Separator with Pressure Gauge, Manual Drain, Ball Valve and Bracket AW2000-02
  • BRASS FILTER ELEMENT - Filtering moisture and fine particles to get clean and dry air which prevents damage to air tools, spray guns and pneumatic equipment. The filter element is brass that provide higher efficient filtration and long lifetime than the fiber one.
  • PRESSURE REGULATOR - With the adjustable pressure control knob, you can pull up and turn the black knob at the top of the regulator to set desired pressure. No matter the size of the inlet pressure and flow fluctuations, always maintain a stable outlet pressure.
  • GAUGE&FILTER CUP - The pressure gauge is more accurate to the pressure induction and the metal shell is resistant corrosion. The dial scale has two units of measurement: psi and mpa. The Max pressure is 150 PSI. The filter cup is designed to be transparent for observing the volume of water and oil.

Hromee 1/4 Inch Air Compressor Filter Regulator is another excellent option to clean Moisture Vapor and fine particles. You will also have dry air to prevent air tool damage. With its 150-PSI maximum pressure, you can use this compressed air line water filter with most of the powerful air devices.

Besides, the Cast Aluminum Metal quick-release bowl withstands tough pressure. On the flip side, its adjustable pressure control knob helps you control the pressure and makes it compatible with other air tools. Pressure gauge delivers accurate readings for precise operation.

Apart from that, its ball valve is made of durable forged brass. You can expect a longer lifespan since it can withstand high pressure and temperature. Furthermore, the manual drain system with Transparent Filter Cup makes it easier to clean the water and oil.

  • Higher PSI compatibility with adjustment
  • Cast Aluminum Metal bowl for added durability
  • Pressure gauge provides precise pressure adjustment
  • Durable ball valve
  • Manual draining with transparent filter cap
  • The plastic filter element might not last long

5. LE LEMATEC- Best Air Compressor Oil Water Separator

Le Lematec Air Compressor Filter, Inline Water and Moisture Separator with Drain Valve. 150 PSI Air Dryer. AI303
  • Air compressor dryer provides quick and easy cleaning with its push button drain valve. Just push the button to eject oil dirt and water from the filter.
  • The inline air filter works between 90 PSI to 150 PSI, perfect as a plasma filter.
  • LE Lematec air compressor filter oil and water separators are compatible with any air compressor and air tool. The air filter traps dirt oil and moisture as a receiving filter for air tools.

When you need a separator that can work with any air compressors, consider LE LEMATEC Air Compressor and Oil Water Separator.

This air filter can easily remove dirt oil and moisture to keep your tools safe. Besides, its aluminum construction with solid brass fittings withstands higher pressure.

You can use it for any air tool with 90 PSI to 150 PSI. Featuring a 1/4 inch male and Female Inlet, it ensures a perfect fit. Cleaning is easier and faster with the push-button drain valve. Simply push the button and eject dirt and water from your pneumatic tool.

You use your air tool from a different angle, right? This air filter also works at any angle that makes it compatible with your air appliances. You can use these oil-water separators for paint gun, plasma cutter, or air compressor smoothly.

  • Compatible with any air tools
  • Remove moisture and oil dirt 
  • Works in any angle
  • Aluminum construction with solid brass fittings for reliability
  • Male and Female inlet for a perfect fit
  • Needs to clean the drain manually

6. Mudder- Best Water Separator for Plasma Cutter

Water Oil Separator Filter Airbrush Filter Moisture Separator for Air Line Compressor Fitting, 1/4 Inch NPT Inlet and Outlet (3)
  • What you get: you will receive 3 water oil separators, the blue end (concave) is the "outward" side of the airflow, and the connector side (convex) is the inlet for the airflow, they are easy to install and ergonomically designed for your convenience and ease of use
  • General import export :standard universal male and female 1/4 inch NPT inlet and outlet designs make it easy to connect pneumatic lines to pneumatic tools and airbrush to accommodate most pneumatic tools for convenience
  • Sturdy material: the water oil separator is made of polycarbonate housing, aluminum valve body and solid brass fittings, it has good anti-oxidation performance, which greatly improves the durability and reliability of the tool and prolongs its service life

If you need a water separator for your plasma cutting work, consider the Water Airbrush Filter from Mudder. You will get three water oil separators to effectively clean oil dirt and water vapor. 

Besides, its push-button drain valve makes dirt cleaning easier on a regular basis. You can even see how much dirt has grown for its transparent body.

With its working maximum air pressure of 90 PSI, it is suitable for almost any high-pressure air tool. Installation is super easy; you can install it yourself.

Since it comes in standard universal male and female inlet and outlet port, it fits perfectly in your plasma cutter. The construction is sturdy enough with its aluminum valve body and solid brass fittings. 

  • Remove oil dirt, water vapor, and water
  • Suitable for versatile air instruments
  • Easy to clean for a push-button drain valve
  • Perfect fit for universal inlet and outlet
  • Aluminum body and solid brass fittings for durability
  • No pressure gauge included

7. TCP Global- Best Air Compressor Water Separator for Painting

TCP Global Mini in-Line Air Filter, Oil and Water Separator (Pack of 2) - Drain Valve, Water Trap, Air Dryer, Removes Moisture, Dirt - Use on...
  • Pack of 2 premium mini in-line air filters. Separates and removes oil, water and dirt
  • Use for compressor air lines, air tools, spray guns
  • Clear reservoir shows accumulated contaminants

For painting sprays, having a decent water separator that can separate oil too is an advantage. That’s what you will get from this TCP global oil and water separator. It features 2 premium mini in-line air filters that will smoothly remove dirt, oil, and water.

Find the top air compressor for painting buying guides!

Besides, you will get a transparent reservoir. It will show the accumulated contaminants so that you can clear those in time to prevent tool damage. Along with that, the push button drain release valve allows cleaning all the dirt with one push.

Its 1/4″ air inlet and outlet fit perfectly in your pneumatic tools such as pain sprays, air hoses, and others. Apart from that, the construction is durable to let you enjoy a higher service life span.

To conclude, this one is an ideal option to pick for its effective filters, transparent reservoir, and other functions.

  • Perfect fit & versatile uses
  • Easy and simple push-button for effective cleaning
  • Transparent reservoir to see dirt accumulation
  • 2 premium mini in-line air filters for oil, water, and dirt cleaning
  • Durable construction for longevity
  • Might not work in all angles

8. Le Lematec– Best Air Compressor Water Separator for Diesel

Le Lematec Air Compressor Filter, Water Separator, Air Compressor Dryer with Drain Valve, For Air Tools, Plasma Cutters, and Air Lines (ZN312)
  • The ZN312 air compressor water separator is compatible with any air compressors and air tools for convenience and cost-efficient solutions.
  • This filter can stop oil, water, and debris from passing through air tools that may damage the tool itself and affect the operation. It can be installed even in the most complex system and layout.
  • ZN312 filter has a compact design and made from zinc material with a steel push-button drain valve. It has 1/4 inch air inlet “female” and 1/4” “male” and operates at standard 90 PSI.

Is your concern to get a filter with air compressor water separator. Then look no further but this Le Lematec water separator.

It can effectively trap and clean Oil Vapor, dirt, and water to keep your compressor Tank and other air tools safe. The compact and sleek design makes it perfectly compatible with different tools, even in the most complex design.

In addition, its 1/4 inch male and female inlet ensures perfect fittings. Besides, it is made of zinc materials that tough pressure and provides longevity. You can easily use this separator for up to 90-PSI maximum working pressure.

The Push-button drain valve makes it quick to clear the accumulated dirt. You can keep moisture Levels and dirt levels down in your air tools smoothly with this amazing separator.

  • Trap water moisture, oil dirt, and vapor
  • Compatible with versatile air devices
  • Fits perfectly in complex design
  • Withstand tough pressure
  • Male and female inlets for more versatility
  • Manual draining system

9. Hotusi- Best Moisture Separator for Air Compressor

Hotusi 1/4" BSP Air Compressor Moisture Filter Trap Oil Water Separator Regulator Lubricator
  • Recommend Regulating Pressure Range: 30-120PSI.Max Regulator Pressure: 130PSI
  • Regulator Inlet & Outlet Port Size: 1/4" BSP,can filter small particles, keep the air clean
  • Small size,light weight, easy installation and maintenance

The search for the best air compressor moisture filter ends with the Hotusi 1/4″ BSP water separator. With a 30-120PSI pressure variation, it becomes suitable for air compressors as well as other air tools. You can control the pressure with its air filter regulator. 

The maximum pressure capacity is 130-PSI that shows its durability against high pressure. Besides, the airflow rate of 26 CFM Flow shows its efficiency. With its 1/4″ BSP design, it will likely be fitted in most tools. 

You can trap small particles up to 40 microns to keep the air clean and enhance the lifespan of air tools. Apart from that, the small size with a lightweight design makes it comfortable to install. Maintenance is easier as well for its low-profile functionalities. 

  • Simple and easy to install
  • Captures the smallest particle
  • Needs less maintenance
  • Withstand higher pressure
  • Adjustable air pressure
  • Need to collect the dirt manually

Buying guide of Best Air Compressor Water Separator in 2021

Not everyone has proper knowledge of water separators that makes the decision-making tough. To assist your decision-making, here is the buying guide for you. Consider these things before purchasing a separator.

Compressor Types

Different types of compressors are available in the market and not a single separator can work with all those compressors. You will find the centrifugal, rotary screw, and reciprocating air compressors.

To ensure the right separator for your compressor, go through your user manual. You will find details there.

Types of Air Filter

The filter plays the most vital role in terms of trapping and removing water, dirt, and oil. So make sure to check filter types and pick the one that works best.

You know there are desiccant particles, oil dirt, and other unknown pollutants that can damage the air tools. Coalescing Filter, carbon filters, air filters, and high particulate filters are the main types.

Depending on the jobs you want to perform, pick the right filter. Remember that a wrong filter can reduce the effectiveness of the separator and damage your tools.

Air Compressor Drain System

No matter how much dirt and water your filters capture, if those are not cleaned, they will damage your tools. The drain system performs this task.

Automatic Air Compressor Drain
Automatic Air Compressor Drain

You have an Automatic Drain, Quarter-Turn Drain, semi-automatic drain, and manual drain. It is always better to pick an automatic drain system since it will make your life easier.

However, you can go with the manual one since draining dirt isn’t that rocket science.

Air inlet

Air Compresoor Air Inlet
Air Compresoor Air Inlet

Air inlet sizes will determine whether it will fit your air tool or not. ¾ inches, ⅜ inches, or other sizes are available. Find out your required sizes and pick a water separator according to the size.

If you pick a smaller one, it is not going to fit in your compressor. On the flip side, if you select a larger one, it won’t fit either. So be wise and know the size first.

Pressure handling capacity

You know, air compressors come with different pressure outputs. The same goes for other air tools. Consider the air pressure when looking for a water separator.

If you pick the wrong one, it might not be able to withstand the pressure. If your compressor offers 150-PSI pressure, make sure to pick a separator with 150 PSI handling capacity.


You are not going to use the separator for one time, right? So you must purchase one that offers higher durability. To ensure that, make sure to pick one that offers a metal Guard.

Also, consider the overall construction. Construction plays the most important role to withstand all the pressure. 

FAQ’s (Frequently Ask Questions)

Got any questions in mind after reading the review? Have a look at these commonly asked questions below.

What is a water separator for an air compressor?

A water separator is a small tool placed inside the air tool in order to trap water, vapor, oil, and dirt. It is placed to protect the tools.

How do you separate water from air compressors?

The best way to separate water from an air tank is to use a water separator. You can also use Hygroscopic Material to trap water and vapor.

Where to install a water separator on the air compressor?

You need to custom installations the water separator before the air tank in the compressor system. It will prevent any water, oil, or dirt from entering the compressor tank.

Does my air compressor need a water separator?

If you don’t want water, oil, or vapor to accumulate in your compressor and damage the tool, you just need a water separator. It traps oil, dirt, and water to protect your compressor.

How do you stop water buildup in an air compressor?

To build up water in your air compressor, make sure to use a water separator. Also, dry the air and clean water and dirt from accumulating inside.

Final Verdict

Air compressors and other air tools are invaluable and expensive. You should damage the tool in any chance to save a little money. To lengthen the lifespan of your air tools, installing a water separator filter is mandatory.

But installing the wrong one might make the situation worse. You must install the best water separator for air compressors. That is why we have portrayed some amazing separators with their pros and cons.

Also, a buying guide is there to assist your decision-making. Go through it properly and pick the best one.

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