Actionable Tips- Buying The Best Battery Operated Leaf Blower

Greenworks 40V Cordless Leaf Blower

G-MAX 40-volt 2.0 amp
or 4.0 amp hour lithium ion battery
150 MPH max speeds
Lightweight design

Dewalt Dcbl720p1
Xr Brushless

Brushless Motor ( Durable & Efficient)
20V MAX 5.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery
400 CFM & 90 MPH performance
Variable trigger & speed lock

Kimo Cordless

20-volt 2.0
lithium ion battery
Speed: Auto (just press harder or lighter on the trigger)
2-in-1 Design (Sweeper & Vacuum)

One of our life goals is to eventually set up a home of our own, with a beautiful family and perhaps a couple of pets.

Why not?

Perhaps having a beautiful patio or deck to relax after a long day, right?

Of course, one of the things to consider in open areas is to maintain everything in good shape, and that includes cleaning the leaves left behind by the trees as the seasons pass.

There are tools to help you with that task. And here in, one of the most efficient methods is using the best battery operated leaf blower reviews.

During this article, we’ll cover the top battery operated leaf blowers currently available in the market. By the end of this read, you’ll learn everything you need to know about them.

Learn- Why Get a Best Battery Operated Leaf Blower?

The battery-powered leaf blowers are a must-have tool that every household needs. Their main purpose is to help you remove leaves blocking your way, but there are a lot of other stuff you can do with your best battery powered leaf blowers.

For instance, you can use them to clean tight spaces below the furniture, or under the seat of your car.

More than One Purpose:

In most cases, you can change the tube of the blower for a smaller version, which works well to access these closed spaces. Also, as you’d see in our battery leaf blower reviews, you can turn at least one of them into a vacuum to suck particles and debris.

All of that is cool, but there are two other reasons why you should consider getting one of these blowers.

Comfortable to Use:

For one, we have the comfort they provide. Since battery-powered leaf blowers don’t weight too much, you can use them comfortably throughout the day without suffering the consequences later through a horrible back pain.

Less Money Required:

The other reason is, well, financial motives. There’s no doubt that these blowers are more affordable than their counterparts that require either gas or electricity. Perhaps battery-powered blowers are not as powerful as the others, but they are way cheaper.

We could spend more time talking about why getting a battery powered leaf blower is a good decision, but it would take the entirety of this article. Instead, we’ll show it to you through our reviews.

In Depth- Our Top 7 Best Battery Operated Leaf Blower Reviews:

After learning about best battery operated leaf blowers benefits, now we get to see what are the top best leaf blowers which are running with battery power.

We’ve selected a total of seven choices that delivered excellent results in many areas.

Let’s take a look at our list of 7 best battery powered leaf blower reviews:

Greenworks 40V Cordless Leaf Blower

Here’s the perfect replacement when you can’t deal with your electric blower anymore. With this tool, constant issues like running out of cord length, or out of gas if you use a gas-powered model, shouldn’t concern you any longer.

The motor uses a lithium-ion battery that delivers a reliable performance during the day.

Afterward, when it runs low, users can take a break as they wait for the battery to reload once again.

As long as you store it in a secured place, both the power source and the blower will last for a long time.
With a full battery charge, there are a lot of things you can do; there’s a speed dial included to set different working intensity. People get to choose a performance up to 150 MPH, which is relatively powerful, and it provides other benefits like a steady amount of energy without interruption.

When the power source included doesn’t provide what you expect, you can always consider buying a different battery from the brand, as the blower has high compatibility to fit many of them.

The construction process of this tool is quite interesting as well; there’s a combination of two pieces for the tube, which creates a frame that is not heavy to lift.

It allows us to use the blower throughout the day without suffering physical pain

Greenworks 40v Cordless Blower

Since it uses plastic parts, you shouldn’t expect it to endure impacts if an accident occurs. Try at all times to keep the blower from taking heavy hits onto its structure.

Even though it is quite powerful, the blower is better for small projects. It probably won’t get you through high-intensity cleaning sessions.


Variable speeds, reaching up to 150 MPH

Extension tube to cover more area


Comfortable to use



The plastic material is not durable

Not recommended for large projects

Black Decker Lsw36 40v Lithium Ion Cordless Sweeper

If you’re looking for the ultimate leaf blower, then this next option is probably it. And this is may be one of best battery operated leaf blower for you. We can quickly tell how well-made the tool is as soon as we put our hands over its structure frame, which feels very comfortable to handle, and it only gets better as we start working.

The blower uses a 36 Volt lithium-ion battery, powerful enough for plenty of tasks around the house. Use it at the backyard, your deck, driveways, and more.

In these areas, the 120 MPH speed energy removes all types of debris efficiently.

You can control the speed variation through the Power Command technology. It is an effective mechanism that lets us adjust the speed variations between two modes, either maximum running time or to use its full power capacity. The last mode drains the battery quicker, obviously.

The lithium-ion battery offers reliable performance, and once it starts to run low, you only need to charge it for about an hour, approximately. After recharging, you’ll be ready to resume your maintenance activities.

Still, getting the battery in and out of the compartment may require some extra pressure. 
There are many more advantages of using this blower, but we’ll mention two of them that surprised us; lightness being one, and a quiet performance is the other.

Black And Decker Lsw36 Leaf Blower

When using it, not only do we get a firm grip on the blower, but it also feels very light. Undoubtedly, doing the maintenance around the house on the same day is a possibility when using this machine.

Additionally, the sound produced is 66 DBA, which is quite low, and it doesn’t hurt our hearing. However, after some time has passed, the blower starts producing an unpleasant noise.


Reliable lithium-ion battery is rechargeable

Comfortable to grab the frame


Powerful capacity


It starts producing noise in long aged (Probably 1 year)

Putting the battery in and getting it out is tricky

Dewalt Dcbl720p1 Xr Brushless Blower

DEWALT is a brand that never disappoints. Their tools are not always perfect, but they are far better than most out there. This leaf blower is yet another good example of that statement.

It features a brushless motor highly capable of doing regular maintenance tasks at the backyard, getting rid of debris, leaves, and other stuff.

The technology used to create the power source improves the blower’s efficiency and durability by producing power without side effects.

There’s another feature that makes this blower one of the best; the axial fan structure design. It handles the air output at different speeds in an efficient method to enhance the running time. So, regardless of how much regularly you use it, this leaf blower offers a stable performance throughout its life.

The blower offers a variable trigger as well as a lock to control the speed and adjust it. Both of these features are easy to access thanks to the ergonomic handle, and you can use them to make the best out of the 400 CFM capacity working at 90 MPH.

Since we mentioned the brushless motor, we have to mention the battery too, even though it is not that innovative. It is lithium-ion, which provides the necessary energy to power up the tool.

Dewalt Dcbl720p1 Xr Brushless Leaf Blower

There’s a charger included so you can recharge the blower battery when it goes low. Despite having DEWALT’s quality certificate, you should be aware that this leaf blower is quite expensive when compared to the other products on our list.

The only thing we would’ve liked more was a narrower tube, as it would’ve made it easier to clean in tight spaces.


Brushless motor

Axial fan structure design

Speed trigger and lock


The blower would’ve been better if the tube was an inch smaller

Little bit expensive

It would be complicated to find any other leaf blower as light as this one. Weighing only 2 lb, it places itself like the best leaf blower for people that can’t lift too much weight, as it reduces the amount of physical effort you’d have to make while doing household maintenance tasks. If you have been search for a light weight leaf blower then this is an ideal choice as best battery operated leaf blower to pick up.

The manufacturer doesn’t trade lightness for power either; there are many things you can do with this blower, such as removing leaves off the ground, clean snow, or getting rid of debris, dirt or mud in tight places like the corners or below the furniture.

You can do that by making a couple of adjustments to the blower. After all, it is a 2-in-1 tool, meaning that you can attach a smaller tube capable of accessing those tight spots.

Still, when using it as a vacuum, don’t expect to absorb large quantities of trash. It is a feature suitable for small tasks.

Since it is a cordless blower, you don’t have to worry about anything else other than the battery power. And even then, after running low, you can quickly recharge the lithium battery of 20 volts. 

When fully charged, the blower works continuously for 20 minutes on maximum speed.

Kimo Cordless Blower
KIMO Lightweight Leaf Blower

Other than the blower/vacuum, the package includes the blow tube, a couple of reusable bags, the 20 Volts battery, and its charger.

 It is a complete set that makes our maintenance activities a breeze.

Despite having a limited vacuum functionality, the blower performance is more than satisfactory considering the size of this tool. It is affordable, comfortable, and considerably powerful.


Comfortable weight and size for people with movement issues

2-in-1 blower can turn into a vacuum

Complete set includes a pair of reusable bags


The vacuum mode works only for small tasks

Although it seems small and very simple, there’s a list of reasons why this blower has made it into our list.

So, if you initially liked it because of its incredible good-looks, then you’re in luck because the tool has so much more to give!

First and foremost, the way this blower handles tough situations is outstanding. It features TURBINE technology for the fan, which is capable of generating and handling high air volume energy efficiently under any circumstances. That’s why we called it one of best battery powered leaf blower in the view of its performances.

There’s the nozzle too, which features the Hyper-Stream quality to handle the air produced and focusing it onto a specific area. Whatever leaves or debris sits on that place, the blower delivers a strong, focused airstream that will get everything out of your way. 

The blower weighs 8.1 lbs. It is not the lightest by far, but it is still comfortable to use one-handed.

 You can even change the variable speed power through the TURBO boost located at a convenient place near the handle, right at your finger’s reach.
For the battery, it uses a 56 Volts Max Lithium. 

It sure can’t compete against the power of an electric-powered blower, but it performs well. Also, with this one, having to drag a cord wherever you go is a thing of the past.

The estimated charging time is 90 minutes. When using the leaf blower, it is better to operate it at a reasonable speed. If you use it at max capacity, it’ll most likely drain the battery within minutes.

Finally, during breaks, use the cutout with key shape to hang the blower over a hook or nails.


Good-looking design



Easy to control speeds


The battery dries fast when working at maximum capacity

It is not powerful enough to blow leaves out of the heavy grass

The quality of this blower falls entirely on the perfect combination between a brushless motor, and a lithium-ion battery.

Both parts create a tool that perhaps it is not the most powerful out there, but it sure gets the job done while providing many other benefits as well.

One of those benefits is none other than lightweight. Even when operating it on 423 CFM at 129 MPH, keeping control of the blower is pretty easy.

Hence, users won’t go through awkward situations, and they certainly won’t have to deal with body ache after just a couple of minutes using it.

Also, the flat concentrator nozzle handles the variable speeds very well. It transitions between each setting smoothly, increasing the speed to 287 CFM at 175 MPH, with a low rating of 67DBA sound produced as the blower operates.

The speed discussed above is only one of the blower’s power variations, but you can set it either lower or higher if necessary.

Making this adjustment should be no problem for anyone, considering the speed trigger and lock are at a convenient distance from our hands.

Now that we mentioned our hands, the ergonomic design of the blower is yet another reason why we should consider getting it, as it feels like a very natural grip that doesn’t feel awkward during any moment.

After talking about most of its good features, we have to address the elephant in the room; the blower’s shape. It is a bit odd considering that it fits the right hand only. Perhaps not a big deal for most people, but curious nonetheless.


Proper distribution of weight

Quiet good performance

Comfortable grip

The nozzle handles variable

speeds efficiently


The blower’s shape makes it usable only for the right hand

Battery doesn’t last too long

Hoover ONEPWR BH57205 Cordless Leaf Blower
We’re Reviewer Guides Team finishing up our battery powered leaf blower reviews with a compact leaf blower that offers comfort above anything else.

It is small, and it is surprisingly lightweight. What does this mean? Well, it means that you don’t have an excuse to continue delaying maintenance anymore.

The blower is particularly efficient for hard surfaces, where leaves tend to stick after falling off the trees. Over these scenarios, the turbofan with heavy-duty qualities produces an outstanding amount of energy to clean everything, leaving the ground spotless without any leaf or debris.

With this blower, you’ll have the opportunity to use a speed variation that goes as high as 270CFM at 95 MPH. It is not the most powerful when compared to the other products on our list, but the ergonomic handle allows us to make the best out of the tool’s capacity with good balance.

However, it is quite similar to the other blowers when it comes to the battery, which is lithium-ion. This piece is removable and rechargeable too.

It won’t last for hours when you’re cleaning, but recharging time won’t take much either.

The battery provides the energy necessary to power up the blower for around 30 minutes. When operating, you can use the leaf scraper built-in to remove even the most stubborn leaves that don’t want to go away.

Hoover ONEPWR Cordless High Performance Leaf Blower

But, if you’re looking for the best battery powered leaf blower, this one is not the one you want. But, use this Hoover ONEPWR BH57205 Blower for small tasks such as cleaning the driveway or the deck, but don’t put it through intense sessions because it is not good for those purposes.


Small, compact, and lightweight leaf blower

Durable battery lasts for about 30 minutes

Included controls for variable speeds

High-quality TURBO Fan design


The blower lacks power for larger maintenance activities

Benefits of Battery Operated Leaf Blowers:

Best Battery Powered Leaf Blower

Before we go deeper into benefit section in our best battery operated leaf blower reviews, we should stop to consider why leaf blowers are incredibly useful for home owners and people in general.

Even if you don’t have leaves to clean, you can use the blower for a variety of activities around the house.

Here are the benefits you receive from getting a battery-powered leaf blower;

  • No Cords to Pull You Down!

The main reason you’d want a battery-powered leaf blower is because of how easy it is to move it around. If you had a corded tool, it would confine you to a specific area with a power outlet nearby.

On the other hand, by using batteries as their power source, cordless blowers allow you to move freely inside and outside the house.

  • Rechargeable Leaf Blower Batteries

Yes, battery-powered leaf blowers aren’t as powerful as their corded counterparts, but even then, these tools are more than capable of performing many tasks included. 

And you don’t have to spend extra money on batteries every month or so! No, you only need to recharge them, which takes about 90 minutes approximately. 

Of course, the charging time varies between brands.

  • Lightweight Maintenance Tools

These leaf blowers come in handy for seniors and people suffering from physical pain. The weight is different between models, but almost all of them are not uncomfortable to lift.

  • Usable as a Vacuum!

Not all of them, but some leaf blowers can turn into a vacuum. Attaching a smaller tube and a reusable bag makes them a tool that you can use to access tight spaces around the house.

  • Affordable 

Last but not least, the battery-powered leaf blowers are way more affordable than the other versions. They may not be suitable for every task, and they fall short in power too, but they still complete a lot of tasks without issues.

Handheld Leaf Blowers vs Gas vs Electric Leaf Blower:

Battery Powered Leaf Blower Reviews

You’ve seen us reference the other types of leaf blowers, but if we were to compare all three,

which one would be the best out of everyone?
When you take a closer look into it, you’ll notice that it all sums up to the user’s preferences.

Let us explain by quickly analyzing all three types.

These leaf blowers use gas as their power source, obviously. Through this mechanism, most of leaf blowers are capable of producing an outstanding blowing force for every type of project, whether they are big or small.
The drawback is the weight, which is considerably heavy. Because of that, not many people get to enjoy it unless they have the physical strength to withstand the pressure of carrying a heavy tool around.

Corded leaf blowers are similar to the previous one in terms of power, but require electricity instead. Because they need a power outlet to function, their performance suffers from limitations. You’ll need to use it in a controlled area with a constant connection to an outlet.

Sure, you can always invest some money in extra cord, but you could use those expenses for other things. Either way, corded leaf blowers are the perfect pick for people that aren’t comfortable with any of the other two.

Lastly, we have leaf blowers that require batteries to operate. We’ve discussed their benefits throughout this article, so there’s no need to go in too deep one more time.

What you need to know about these battery powered leaf blower is that they are not as powerful as the other two, but they compensate for that by delivering a comfortable performance. There are no unpleasant noises produced, and you can take them with you everywhere.

Wrap up:

Suppose, you need the power and don’t mind the weight, go for a gas blower.
For constant and steady power, albeit limited, corded blowers are the best.
On the other hand, if you require capable tools that will never become an unbearable burden, then battery blowers are the ones you need.

Features to Consider before Buying: Buying Guide of Best Battery Powered Leaf Blowers

Since there are many things taking place inside a battery-powered leaf blower, we’ve created a list of features to consider before making your decision. Here’s what you need to look for in your ideal tool.

  • Battery Life – Durability & Running Time

Always aim for a lithium-ion battery. Any other than that doesn’t guarantee a secure performance from your leaf blower. Better yet, these types of batteries have a long lifespan, and there are many more benefits that will work on your advantage.

One of which is, of course, that they’re rechargeable. As soon as the batteries start to run low, you can connect them to a charger to gain its energy back. In less than two hours, you’ll be ready to get back to work again.

The estimated working time of lithium-ion batteries is from 30 to 40 minutes at full speed. That’s something that varies from brand to brand.

The technology used to create the blower is a decisive factor in their efficiency. A good example of a blower done right is the DEWALT DCBL720P1, which offers a unique axial fan structure capable of maximizing and improving the air output.

Naturally, for better airflow, you also need a proper nozzle, which varies depending on the task you want to do. Do your research to find out whether or not your preferred blower can attach nozzles of different sizes, as you’d be able to use them for many more tasks like cleaning tight spots.

Easy to Use – Ergonomic Handle & Control Speed

Battery leaf blowers are quite famous because of how comfortable they are, and that’s only possible because of the ergonomic handle. It is a design choice that makes it possible for us to use the blower for many hours straight without causing pain on our hands.

Another benefit of the ergonomic handle is that it allows us to access the control switches and buttons to change the working speed of the blower.

A Convenient Tool – Lightweight, Size & Noise

Fortunately for us, almost every battery-powered leaf blowers are light, so there’s no need to worry about that. Of course, some weigh more than others, so that’s something to keep in mind too.

If you can’t lift a heavy burden, always go for a small and lightweight tool. You’ll find that there’s one tool for everyone, and even if it may take you some time, your health should come first. Don’t rush your decision and continue looking until you find one that meets your demands.

Summing Up:

Keep in mind that, even when not every blower offers every one of the features listed here, you should find one that at least offers high power, easy-to-use speed controls, lightweight, durable batteries, and an ergonomic handle. That’s the very least you can expect from these beast tools that we already talked in our best battery operated leaf blowers review article.

Still haven’t found one with those specifications, continue looking until you do. The last thing you’d want is to have an inoperable piece of junk that doesn’t work and makes you waste your money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s): Finding Out Best Leaf Blower On Your Demand

  • Are battery-powered leaf blowers any good?

Yes. Leaf blowers with battery as a power source provide many benefits like we talked before. They are affordable tools that could save us a lot of trouble and time when we least expect it.

  • How long does the leaf blower battery last?

There isn’t a direct answer to this question because we have to consider many factors like the working speed, among other things.

However, it would be surprising to find a battery capable of going past the hour operating. Most of the time, the batteries last around 30 minutes.

  • How long does it take to recharge the leaf blower battery?

It varies depending on the brand, but an estimated time would be around 90 minutes. After that, the leaf blower will be ready to use once again.

  • Are battery-powered leaf blowers expensive?

Some of them are, yes. When you encounter an expensive leaf blower tool, it probably comes from a renowned brand like DEWALT. Their tools are available at a high price, but their quality is undeniable.

  • Can battery-powered leaf blowers clean cars?

Yes, they can clean cars. You can turn some leaf blowers from expelling air to sucking, which helps cleaning tight spots like below the seats of your vehicle.

Final Words:

After reading our best battery operated leaf blower reviews article, we hope you see why these tools are a must-have for everyone. And now you have lot of resource with references to buying a good quality leaf blower. 

Whatever it is battery operated or others. Now you know what kind of you need and which one is should buy.

Perhaps you consider you’ll never get to use them, but the time may come eventually. When that happens, better to have one at hand’s reach to prevent leaves or snow from invading our homes.

Thanks for reading all this stuff. Hope we will covering all, incase we miss any important part please don’t be hesitate in comments below.

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